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[ANN] Magic Profiles for P800/P900 - profiles on your smartphone!

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Posted by SW-Midas
Magic Profiles is the only utility for Sony Ericsson P800/P900 devices that allows you to create and manage various phone profiles.

Using Magic Profiles, you will never experience any problems establishing, for example, a silent mode for night time or meetings, a loud mode for an outside or car driving, and much more, any imaginable alert settings. You can bind these profiles not only to 24-hours' grid, but for workdays and holidays, defining rules and exceptions. Your smartphone will automatically switch between the profiles offering a comfortable work with the device.

With various profiles, you can control the most of phone features in just one touching of your smartphone's screen. Change rings, sounds, messages, vibrations, sound volume of ring and talking, at one moment! Using this application you can create any number of profiles and switch between them instantly - in the same way as on an ordinary mobile phone.

Magic Profiles understands your Calendar's appointments and follows them. Now and forever you can forget all about these manipulations with ring volume, melodies, vibrating alerts, etc.

Full description is available at http://www.symbianwave.com/product.php?id=mpuiq

Posted by agiessen
This is a great piece of software! I've just installed it, created some profiles, and it work transparently. There's no telling it's third party software, it's very well integrated into UIQ. Well worth the $11 I'd say.

Haven't tried the scheduling function yet, I'll play with it later on.

One small thing: it would be nice to be able to list the profiles in the order that the uses likes. I'd like to sort my profiles from silent to loud, but now it seems they are not ordered or ordered by creation date.

Posted by yoshi77
great software. about time we got profiles for the px00s.

Posted by richy240
Very nice software - this is something a lot of people have been asking for. One thing I'd really like to see is a way to switch profiles with the flip closed.

Posted by richy240
It also seems to lack support for Themes. It would seem that I must explicitly designate a sound (or otherwise) to a profile. There is no "transparent" setting which would allow the theme's sounds to become active when a profile such as Normal or Default is chosen.

I change themes very often so this is important to me. I won't buy the software unless this is available.

Posted by marceta
you crazy [ann] people are at it again YAY

Posted by agiessen
@richy240: You can select a 'Default Melody' for each ringtone. I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to accomplish, but doesn't that do the trick for you?

Posted by wollyka
@ last
Profiles !

Posted by elsapo
Nice to see the "profiles" option in the P800... I'm still trying to find an explanation about the SE lack.

I've just noticed some minor bug/lacks:

- while using the "c" button (silent on/off), the profile is not updated (but the silent mode comes...) and the "silent" icon is not updated too.

- the keys/touch sound cannot be disabled/enabled in a single profile.

- while using the profile change short-cut, the "multimedia volume" slide bar does not display the proper volume level, while moving from a profile to the next one.

- it's not possible to handle a black/white list.

But it's the first step...


Posted by Roel van der Burgt
Another bug: when you press the speaker icon when you are in a conversation the option for speakerphone is gone.

And just like the issue was with the first release of magic themes l can't back-up anymore. (I know it is magic profiles that causes this because it worked fine before installing MP and worked fine again after uninstalling MP)

Please fix this.

Posted by richy240

agiessen wrote:
@richy240: You can select a 'Default Melody' for each ringtone. I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to accomplish, but doesn't that do the trick for you?

The Default Melody option plays the default rings that come on the P900, not the default rings available from the theme.

Posted by SW-Midas
You should select "Unchanged" option to keep default theme sound.

Posted by richy240
I'll try that, thank you!

EDIT: It looks like that did it... great software, really. Thanks! (Now integrate this with miniGPS and we'll have a full-featured Profile solution!)

Google's Censorship Policies are a Bunch of Crap

[ This Message was edited by: richy240 on 2004-06-23 22:05 ]

Posted by SW-Midas
Magic Profiles v1.1 released
This version fixes all known bugs (we hope so ). Thank you everyone who reported bugs, and thank you for the patience.

Please download v1.1 from Magic Profiles page.

To update your version:
1. Disable the program (in its main menu).
2. Close Control Panel (with any task manager).
3. Update Magic Profiles by installing the new version.

Note that this version has bugfixes only, and other improvements will be available in following versions!

Posted by SW-Midas
We have just released Magic Profiles v1.2. In this version:
- Two bugs (with Calendar and autostart) fixed at last;
- Flip-Closed working mode added;
- Flight mode added;
- Now you can run Magic Profiles from Apps list;
- Improved interface.

This is a critical update, and you must update your current version to v1.2.

To update Magic Profiles:
1. Disable the program (in its main menu).
2. Close Control Panel (with any task manager).
3. Update Magic Profiles by installing the new version.

Please download Magic Profiles v1.2 from http://www.symbianwave.com/product.php?id=mpuiq

Posted by basoost
Brilliant, I've been waiting for this! Have been playing around with it and liked it so much that i've registered it.

Keep up the good work!


Posted by gardar
This is one of the best programs to let my p800 use as a dream! Also with magic themes from you symbianwave crew my phone is perfect...

The only thig that I see is that I need and want to buy MagicProfiles and MagicThemes but I dont have CreditCard so I cant buy this and there is no one that can do it for me...:(:(
Cant I bank transfer to you SymbianWave people please....


Posted by ajack

I just got word from a user that there seems to be some compatibility issue with SMan's "Fix applist" utility and Magic Profiles. Please do not use the function in SMan if you have both apps installed until this problem has been sorted out. I will post additional details when I get them.


Would appreciate it if you could e-mail me at ajack@w3xs.com (ignore the mailbox full error message, I'll get the e-mail) regarding this problem and see how we can sort this out.

[ This Message was edited by: ajack on 2004-07-27 11:59 ]

Posted by marinist
I installed v1.02 but decided that it is not what I am looking for, so I tried to un-install it, I followed the instructions to disable it in the main window then proceeded to start the un-installation.

Problems! I was given an on screen message saying

'There is insufficient memory available for the specified installation'

anyone have any experience of this? and is there an alternative way of un-installing this app?

Posted by znino
I just had the exact same thing happen to me. I got to the end of the trial period, wanted to uninstall it and it doesn't let me, giving me the same message as you that there is insufficient memory available for the specified installation. Did you ever work out a way around this?

Posted by dave_uk
I had same prob - deleted a different app, then MPP, and it worked. Just re-installed unnecessarily deleted app and Hey Presto!

Posted by fetzi
taken from symbianwave.com

Compatibility and installation. Uninstallation/updating

We always recommend to install the program on D: drive (Memory Stick card). In case you have any problems, remove Memory Stick card, boot up your phone, wait 2 minutes (this is important!), then insert the card, then uninstall Magic Profiles.

To uninstall Magic Profiles:
1. Disable the program (in its main menu).
2. Uninstall the program as usual.

Perhaps this two minutes "trick" is also helpful when uninstalling

Posted by .Z.
I've just downloaded the app because i want my P900 to get in to flight mode when i'm at work. my work schedule is in the calender and i'm not getting it to work. How do i do? It seems to be simple and i think that i do it right but it doesn't work.

My old T68 was no problem to get to go in to silent mode with the calender and i have searched for an app like this for my P900, can any one help me?

Posted by Laetitya
Is there a magic profile for P990? I have searched but alas...

Posted by chromax
Isnīt possible to add MP3īs as a "melody" ?

I have magic profiles 1.2.

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