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Hotmail on on your own WAP site!

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Posted by Saka

All of you who has own web server with PHP scripting support can now install your own WAP interface for accessing Hotmail.

I developed a WAP interface for Hail - PHP Hotmail Client class. All you have to do is to upload the script on your web server and point your WAP browser to index.php.
You will be able to login to your Hotmail account, read mails in all folders, write new mail, delete mails and mark them read.
Because of WAP page size limitations all folder listings are paged (5 mails per page) and email text is split in multiple pages.

This is great for you who don't trust any 3rd party WAP sites offering Hotmail access who in fact can easily steal your login info.
This way you use your own server to connect directly to Hotmail, without any 3rd party involved.

The script is released under GNU GPL, is free and you can get it on my homepage:

Any feedback is welcome. You can contact me using the contact form on:


Posted by Lynx69
No disrespect to you but why not just use Msn Mobile?

Posted by Saka
You can't login on MSN mobile with ordinary WAP phone.

MSN mobile is in HTML and even if you use phone with cHTML support (like T610/T630) you usually can't login because of content limit set by operaters.
At least I can't. I get: "The content received from the origin server is too large".

My scripts uses real WML 1.1 so all WAP phones can access it. Even those without WAP 2.0 or cHTML support. Besides no problems with too large content occurs because the script is controlling and splitting the content so it always falls under 1 kB per page.

Posted by Lynx69
Oh sorry about that. Thats a good idea.

Posted by MaThIbUs
That sounds awesome! I'm amazed this is possible with PHP actually... Will have to try this one out when I get home.

Posted by bionrg
thank you very much mate!
nice of you to release under GNU
did you up this script to hotscript?

goodluck and thanks!

Posted by Oco
mmm.. i know nothing about php, servers, etc but I want this utility... damn I guess I have to start to learn

Posted by kasei
it works fine?

Posted by Oco
Oh well, tripod free php hosting=dont work

Posted by MaThIbUs
That might be because Tripod doesn't use 'real' PHP, but in fact PHP4U. That sucks, I know. PHP4U lacks a whole lotta functions and stuff, so if you want a good PHP host, I'm afraid you'll have to pay for it...

Posted by wapchimp
I will check this out. Im not a big fan or user of hotmail, but if someone has invested time into this. Then i wanna see it work.

Posted by Saka
Thank you for support. I haven't checked this thread for long time since first days I didn't get any replies so I thought people are not interested.

I think this is the only free solution for totaly independent hotmail WAP access (Phone->your server->hotmail).

For you who just want to test it out on your WAP device you can use my installation:
I do not log your access info so you can safely test it there. However I encourage you to install this on your own server with PHP.

Do not use free hosts like lycos or tripod, you must have a real hosting with PHP4 support. All feedback is welcome. The script is not on hotscripts yet, but maybe I will publish it later.

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Posted by Oco
mmm... your demo site only works until the main site, doesnt?

Posted by wapchimp
Cool it worked on my wap emulator. I may add this to my site? It may prove popular?

Posted by mortz4
cool man! i've been searching for this kind of topic since i've joined here thanks!


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Posted by mortz4
arggghhh..sad to say but the mails seems not arriving to its destination!

Posted by wapchimp
I mean it worked by logging in to it. I didnt send any mails.

Posted by Saka
Do not use Emulators to test it. Use your real phone only!
Emulators may not support cookies and other stuff required for this to work.

So use your real phone and preferably your own web server.

Posted by Sentertainment
Cookies, wap! thats bs, does wap . suprt cookies? 1 thing i found out da hard way is some fones act diff. make sure it works...

Posted by Sentertainment
cont - wit wap emus, i culd help out if u want help! i evn mde a standalone ipb wap access script! twas hard 2 mke it a standalone!

Posted by Saka
@Sentertainment: wtf are you talking about? Make sure you spell right before posting. What you type is like chinese.

WAP has limited cookies support, yes. And it is beeing used by my script and works perfectly on all phones I tested.
I repeat: do not use emulators! Use the real phone or don't use it at all.

Posted by Sentertainment
I meant that not all phones operate the same with advanced scripting...
I found out the hard way that the WAP Emulators Operate alot like my Samsung x105 and are often less picky...yet my t610 could run any page not matter how big the error!

I'll take a look at the script later...I'd also like to help with programming if you want help!

(sorry about my prev. post, my text limit via wap is very small)

Posted by Saka
Ah, ok.
Well there is nothing advanced in WML pages presented to the phone.
It is pure strict WML 1.1 and every phone that supports the standard should support it.

The only thing that is special is cookies so they must be enabled and most emulators don't have support for this. Thus you are not able to login with an emulator.
However this script is created for mobile hotmail access so what's the point accessing it with emulator anyway? If you are at home use your computer to access hotmail, if you are outside use your phone with this script.

Reg. the programming help I am open to suggestions. Take a look and let me know.

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Posted by mobeca
THANKS MAN!!! ur wap page is really good but i have a problem when a try to read my inbox when theres more than 3 or 4 mails I CANT ACCESS appear a message but when is 3 or less mails i dont have any problem.
thnx again regards

Posted by Saka
@mobeca: When you have more than 5 messages you get another page. Go to bottom and click "next".
There shouldn't be any problems.

Posted by pharaon
thats a good idea, but i think u r working 4 bill gates using msn Do u think its a secure mail? Open ur eyes

Posted by Zwanzig
When I try to log in with my t68i with O2 I just get a "sorry" after having putted in the mailadress and password correctly.

Posted by marlonxp
it works graet for me

Posted by jingboy_dcz
Hi there. I seem to be facing a new problem with this demo site. After logging in , i could only see the mail list in various folders but when i open them they all look empty. I just get something like
from :
reply to :
to :
subject :

and thats all. Please help , I am desperately looking for a way to check hotmail on wap since the official hotmail wap site (mobile.msn.com) doesn`t seem to work. It keeps looping back to the login screen. Please help. Besides i have tried using hotmail using pop3 access but i could only retrieve messages that are in the inbox. I cant seem to access other custom folders and junk mail folder. Please help me. how to access all folders via pop3 access.

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