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Help identify my car kit/can I replace it easily!

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Posted by Batch_2002
OK, related to my other thread (started a new one because the old one was a bit HCA-20 specific)!

To cut a long story short, I own a T610, thought I had the HCA-10/HCA-20 in a newly aquired car, looks like it is even older but the label is faded. Can anybody identify it from the following info i got off the system lable?

Type: 50???023B
KyR: 101 108C R1C

The system Cable is a 6pinx2rows connector. I got a T610 system
for the HCA-x0, but the connector didn't fit into the electronics box (was only 5x2rows). The following info was on the original system label but is probably useless:

RPM: 1132058
Escod TAY

Lastly if I wan to swap it out to a HCA-20, would I need to redo the power coupling lead? The old one is presumably 12v (will check) and is also I am assured routed to the stereo mute. It occupies the right hand 2 pins of a 4 pin power connector in the electronics box (why 4 pins?). The Mic and External speaker are jack plugs soo presumably can still be used with a new HCA-20 without swapping over.

I can cope with swapping over an electonics box, but wouldn't want to mess around with the power/ignition couplings!!

Thanks in advance.

Posted by volvoman
It sounds like the kit used with the earlier A1018s T10 T18 that kind of thing. The phone holder its self will proberbly have 2 plastic lugs to slip the base of the phone onto. Look at the bottom of your phone, and you will see that you have 4 slots with the copper terminals in between. The older phones only had 2 slots and worked in a different way when put in the kit. In answer to the questions you have, the mic and speaker should still work with the HCA-X0 kit not sure about the music mute, but if not I do have a brand new one you could purchase from me, that will work with the HCA-X0 kits. It is a genuine Ericsson one, I have not fitted it due to DVD system and phone kit which need to work seperatly. The music mutes retail at about 40 as far as I am aware but this is yours for 10. Nothing wrong with ti just not needed. You could just get a new kit altogether as they are only 60 to buy new. I will be able to identify you kit to the exact one as soon as I can find my kit list. I should then be able to let you know which parts you are going to need to replace, but like I said, It will proberbly easier and cheaper to replace the lot, and then you know you have the correct stuff.

Just found the info. Sounds like it is an HF6600 car kit. Not sure about mic but the rest is not compatable at all.

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Posted by Batch_2002
Cheers again Volvoman. I will try and take a couple of pics to help with the ID. I will probably get the complete new HCA-20 in the end.

I think I will make do with the basic mute and external, speaker don't see any real need for the advanced mute thanks all the same, the offer was very much appreciated.

I assume I can't just plug the power lead into the unit and hope for the best?! So I am a bit reluctant to re-install this bit of the system myself, but the cheapest quote I can see for a (complete) install is 90 (L8shop voucher).

Do you know of any nationwide mobile car kit fitters I can contact directly that are good and may take into account the the mic and speaker is already done?



Posted by volvoman
It is very easy to instal it your self. There is a red live and a black earth. This is all you need to use, either as an ignition live or a permanant live, the choice is yours. The kit comes with an inline fuse kit all the bits you need to do it yourself. If you need advice on instaling it just ask, I am not an auto elcetrition but have put these kits in many of my vehicles, and so far they all work fine. I have just put one in my brand new MPV so it must be easy or I would not have done it. Why pay someone 90 to fit it when you could do it yourself. One piece of advice is this, the music mute lead on the kit will not work, don't ask me why I have no idea, but they never have. I just have the speaker and mic and turn down the volume or just mute it from the front of the radio.

Don't quote me on this but I think the power lead is the same on all the kits. I seem to remember seeing something about this, so that it makes upgrading easier. Like I said there is a good chance that the mic, speaker, and power lead will all fit. This means that if you buy the kit, the only thing you need to do is swap the control box. Can you tell me if the power conector is a square 4 pin plug consisting of four round plastic terminals allin one small block. It will only be 1/2 inch square. If it is like this then it is the same as the HCA-10/20 kit conector. The mic and the speaker conectors are the straight round push in type. The same thing as you hifi headphones. The external aerial does not conect to the box, it comes out of the phone holder, and you just purchase a glass mount aerial, which will come fitted with the correct conector to conect the two together.

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Posted by Batch_2002
The power connector on the system unit is a 4 pin connector. However only 2 pins are connected to the power cable (not clear from pic 2).

[/end edit]

Well I may give it a go, or maybe ask a mate to 'ave a look.

The pics can be found in the link below (T610 quality) for the existing kit, looks like you were spot on!


Pic1.jpg - existing holder
Pic2.jpg - system unit 'front'
Pic3.jpg - unit label
Pic4.jpg - system cable, Phone end (2 prong connector!)
Pic5.jpg - a compatible phone/brick for existing unit (I don't have this)
Pic6.jpg - sytem unit - 'back'

If I can identify the unit I may be able to sell/give it to somebody in need, though it's age may mean there is no demand!

On the car stereo mute note, I have seen a discussion on another board that went like this....May be of use, may be teaching you to suck eggs!
As with all other kits I've seen, it is necessary to use a relay to actually use the radio mute function. A standard Bosch-style auto relay is perfect for this. Find the ignition-on feed to your radio, and cut that wire. Attach the incoming wire to the relay coil and add a jumper to the contact center. Connect the wire from the radio to the normally-on contact on the relay. Connect the mute wire from the car kit to the other coil wire, and you're done. Simple. This will turn off the radio completely any time you make or receive a call.

well most car stereos have a mute sensor built in its not on the iso connector its a seperate hole or wire to find simply remove the stereo from its usual place in the dash and look on the back of the stereo you will most likeley find a number of holes with prongs inside one of these is mute to find which one it is get another length of wire connected to earth on the car and touch the terminal on the back of the stereo and when you find it the stereo will mute and most likley display "phone" on the display
It varies by radio. Some have it, some don't. Some need a ground trigger, some need a +12v trigger. So you may or may not need a relay depending on the radio, but I've had to use one in more installations than not.

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Posted by volvoman
Looks to me as if all the conectors are t he same as mine except the phone system cable. The unit is very similar to the HCA-20 and so I would imagine that all the conectors are the same. The rason you may only have two wires on the 4 block conector is because the earlier ones as far as I am aware, did not have an ignition sense lead, nor a music mute lead. I have seen this before about the need to put a relay in the line somewhere, but like I said I am no electrition so left it well alone. As I do not neede this feature I have never gone into it before, but thank you for the onfo. It looks to me as if this kit has maybe been used with a S868 or similar, it is hard to tell. But the good news is, it seems as if you only need to change the box it's self and fit the system cable and holder for your phone. But it is definatly the earlier HF6600 kit by the look of it.

Posted by Batch_2002
Thanks again for all your help volvoman. Probably just saved me 90, thanks!

I guess the 2 wires mean 12v and negative ground are connected to the unit. Strange the mechanic though that there was a radio mute as well (he used the kit), but I can't see that is possible off of only 2 wires! Oh well, not a big problem, the stereo has steering column controls anyway to turn it down quickly!

Posted by bo
Hello Batch-2002,

Just happened to see your posting about your carkit.
I think it is a Ericsson HCA-03 kit, a special heavy-duty de luxe kit for the Ericsson RS 250-Pro ruggedized telephone.
It has a 12-pole AMP connector for the system cable, as opposed to the 10-pole connectors on other HCA-nn kits from Sony-Ericsson.
It is very well possible to attach another system cable to this unit; however you have to mount the crimped wire-connectors inside the AMP-housing of your system cable. On top of that, the HCA-03 uses some signals which are different from the "standard" HCA-20.
Connector for the R250-Pro is ( 1 = power):
1 in DC
2 data in
3 digital ground
4 data out
5 + 5V reference output
6 test
7 mute (0=normal 1=in-call)
8 input portable handsfree sense
9 analog ground
10 external analog audio accessory sense
11 audio to mobile station
12 audio from mobile station

The connection to your current phone will depend on its connector and maybe you will need some simple additional logic.

Posted by EricssonR250
Hello Batch, Do you still have the car kit & Cradle for (HCA-03) for the Ericsson R250?
If you do would you like to sell it?

My email is d.mccarthy@uq.edu.au

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