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SMS Alerts

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Posted by paulq77
Hi guys, was wondering if you could help me with this one.

I work in a noisy enviroment and often get texts while I am working. ( I am a DJ) But on the P800, once the screen is in its stanby mode (screens off) and you cant hear the alert then there is no way of knowing you have recieved a text.

Does anyone know if there is any way in which you can make the screen come back on to let you know you have recieved a text??

Cheers guys

Posted by jplacson
You can use the vibe mode... or if you haven't noticed, the green light flashes fast when you receive an SMS... if you have Bluetooth ON, the blue and green LEDs flash fast alternately for a visual signal on received SMS.

Posted by dirkies
I'm a DJ too, just put it in your pocket and what for that 'other vibe'

Posted by jbendaou
i am a DJ too, i always have girls playing in my area, so i have one checking my phone all the time, and she even takes cre of typing my sms...

Posted by njabe567
Hey, this is funk master flex rep'n NYC Hot 97 to the fullest...i keep my shit on vib kid so no one knows when I get a high..lol

Posted by Little Jon
I don't take my P800 to clubs. I transfer my SIM card to my Panasonic GD55 ultra-mini phone. Dancing with the P800 in your pocket is not very comfortable!

Posted by LukeUK
I also transfer SIM to my old Sony CMD-Z5, I can't stand the "brick in my pocket" feeling dancing with the P800.

Then again, the old Sony has terrible battery life, which means I'll be taking the P800 with me to Glastonbury... methinks I will be backing up thoroughly before I go.

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