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sagem MY-X5 =T68!!!Looks almost the same

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Posted by john74
Go to this link and look at this new sagem phone http://www.mobilmania.cz/Mobilnitelefony/Ar.asp?ARI=101937&CAI=2106

Posted by DZend
Kind of, and not at all...

Posted by Bazboy
er... NO


Posted by john74
well it has 256 colors and a lot of our T68m features so it looks like other Brands are starting-sorry wanting to steal the T68 success!!NO CHANCE

Posted by cadcad
What?!?! if this sagem phone looks like the T68, then I look like Tom cruise and Nicole kidman in the same time!!!

Posted by Mastercomilao
This phone doesn´t get near T68!

Posted by arroyootje
If it looks like the T68, then I think you should go to "control panal" and change your "screen settings"

No, actually I think it looks more like a Nokia, not that impressed really

Posted by spazmaz
I dont think it looks a lot like the T68 however, i think it looks more like the Nokia 6510 ( http://www.iamobile.com/Gallerian/Nokia/6510.htm )

Posted by john74
I said it ALMOST looks like not it looks exactly like!!!Calm down fellas

Posted by jamojdm

wheres the joystick??

theres no comparison without the joystick!!!



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