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how do I find my IMSI number?

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Posted by shawnmccall9
I wanna know this. How do I do it?

Posted by snw
You dont mean lMEI? that would be *#06#

Posted by vikram_sharma
The International Mobile Subscriber Identity is a unique identifier allocated to each mobile subscriber in a GSM and UMTS network. It consists of a MCC (Mobile Country Code), a MNC (Mobile Network Code) and a MSIN (Mobile Station Identification Number).

It is no where stored in your Mobile phone like your PIn and OUk Code so you can't watch it but you can ask with your opertor
at least i don't know.

it is basically 15 digit key
0-3 = mcc
0-2/3 = mnc
rest is MSIN

Posted by mkt
There should be some software to read it, at least there was for older phones like J-5

Posted by szuba

On 2003-04-08 06:40, shawnmccall9 wrote:
I wanna know this. How do I do it?

Like said already...



Take off your battery and it should say it under that... on the phone. (where the barcode and all that 'stuff' is

Posted by shawnmccall9
I was hoping to find the IMSI without s/w...but you folks have confirmed what I figured would be the answer. And for those who answered #06#, that is for the IMEI. Nice try though ya'll.

Posted by snw
Ok, so you can get it from your service provider, what would you want it for anyway? Does it make you a better person if you knew it? =)

Posted by shawnmccall9
to understand how roaming agreements effect me as roaming agreements change amongst companies

Posted by vve
The simplest method:
1. Connect your phone to your PC's COM port with a data cable.
2. Start any terminal program (e.g. Hyperterm) and select a port the phone is connected to.
3. Type in "AT+CIMI" command (w/o quotes, terminated by Enter).
4. See result.

Posted by mkt
It works, just checked it!

Posted by shikha

On 2003-04-17 17:57:00, mkt wrote:
It works, just checked it!

@Mkt: I tried but I dont know the place where to type "AT+CIMI".
Can u help??

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