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Posted by glasgow.uk
When i try to download the following, they download to the viewer not the installer, ther efore cannot use them. How can i change this?  
Beta Files (alphabetic order)

- Infra Red Remote Controller ForThe P800 (early beta version)
- Vics Fullscreen Video Player(very early beta version)
Applications (alphabetic order)

- AppForge Booster for the P800
- Arabic SMS Reader (Make sureto install on Memory Stick only)
- Currency Converter
- EpocWare - Handy Day v1.0
- EpocWare - Handy Day v1.5 &Upgrade
- EpocWare - Handy Day v2.0 (sended to us by ?)
- EpocWare - Handy Day v2.0Upgrade
- EpocWare - Handy Day v2.0Upgrade (sended to is by ?)
- EpocWare - Handy Safe v2.0FULL
- EpocWare - Handy Safe v2.0Upgrade + 1.5 FULL
- Fuel Manager 1.02
- Image improvement Software byEricsson - MobilityWorld
- Image Viewer - Full Screen
- Jabp v1.03 (Banking Program)
- L3Solutions - AutoLog (needsAppforge Booster to run)
- L3Solutions - Bartender (needsAppforge Booster to run)
- L3Solutions - Expense Report (needs Appforge Booster to run)
- L3Solutions - Financial Planner(needs Appforge Booster to run)
- L3Solutions - Floor Calculator (needs Appforge Booster to run)
- L3Solutions - MyBudget (needsAppforge Booster to run)
- MetroWerks Codewarrior > SEECraks/Keygens/Serials BELOW !
- MMS Business Icons v1.01 +Crack
- MobiMate - WorldMate v1.0  
- MobiMate - WorldMate v1.0 +KEYGEN (just another zip file)
- P800 Video Recorder (REMOVED - NOKIA FILE)
- PcFileManager 1.0 (pc desktopsoftware, full version offilemanager)
- Remote Control Server & Client+ Crack
- Screen Capture (freeware; scap)
- TApCalc - Financial TapeCalculator v1.0
- TApCalc - Financial TapeCalculator v1.0 + KEYGEN (justanother zip file)
- Telnet Client - Putty
Games (alphabetic order)
- 3D Strategic Assault
- Doom + WadFiles + how toinstall and play
- Frodo C64 Emulator v043
- GS Chess
- GTRacing FULL (game sucks,change .rar file to .jar)
- Homerun - Solitaire
- iFlame FULL
- Lemans P800
- Little Red Riding In Tha Hoodv1.0
- MInternet Mahjong v1.10
- MInternet Mahjong v1.10 (justanother zip file)
- Popular Online Game

Posted by glasgow.uk
Does no-one know??????

Posted by [-SWEET-HEART-]
Glasgow, what do u mean?

Dont get it...

Posted by glasgow.uk
when i dload apps, they go to the viewer(to read) on my p800 instead of the installer (to run the software). how can i run the software instead of reading garbage all the time.

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