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Posted by GOwin
This is the un-official thread for Memo Express located at

SM North Edsa,
Tel. No. 4264679

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Posted by vyn300d
bought my phone there, good aftersales service, they also upgrade non-warranty units 4 free!:)

Posted by R.schumacher
what do you mean? do they upgrade mc's?

Posted by vyn300d
free upgrade even if you dnt have any receipts or if your phone is a non-warranty unit. i think they do mc's, call them 2 make sure :)

Posted by XsuwailX
Is dis a promo or smething? Free upgrade khit d ka bumili sa knila? How bout cnvrsion of m to i, free din kaya? Gleng gleng nman nila! :-D

Posted by vyn300d
promo yata til the 31st, i think they do convert :)

Posted by dethany_cilz
@ its true ive been there diz morning and they did upgrade my fone 2 r7a, is there any diference in colors regarding LCD version (r1A -R1B)?

Posted by mackieboy
true! i have brought 3 units and they upgradred it for free!

Posted by vyn300d
R1B is my brighter...........

Posted by JANLARI
They upgrade t68mc just upgraded mine good news for grey units!!

Posted by randyrivera
kaso ala pa yata sila as of the moment for t39s

Posted by tweetymanila
Do they change faceplates too? Any idea how much?

Posted by vyn300d
yup but i dnt know d price e......

Posted by randyrivera
just upgraded my t39mc there today to r4a008, but still it's the mc version software. sana they could upgrade it na to m

Posted by lance
magkano na ang P800 sa Memo Express?

Posted by paomig
@memo guys...do you guys offer the free t68 upgrade at you branch at festival mall?

Posted by vyn300d
la po yatang representatives ng memo express dito...........

@lance- 39k pa din po sa kanila yung P800

@paomig- lam ko sa kanila lang yung free upgrade

btw, i was there yesterday and they told me that free upgrade is until april 15 only. so hurry up!:-D

Posted by lance
@vyn thanks sa info.. nako! kailan kaya bababa yung price nito...

Posted by nbuela
Just got my phne(t68i) upgraded a while ago at sony ericsson sm north for FREE :-D,one thing lang ang napapnsin k BUMAIT yta sila,been there before kase pero hndi sila ganon ka accomodating dati,mukang may natulong yung bad exprnce thread dto dati ha:-D:-D!,for memo guys KEEP IT UP!

Posted by slyfox1
lets see how long they can keep this up...(being nice to their customer that is)

Posted by bokayo
Memo express at sta lucia okay din. Very nice. I agree that the topic BAD EXPERIENCE... had a positive effect. Let's see na lang if they can keep it that way.

Posted by jaculino
@nbuela .. is it really free sw uprgade at sm north?

Posted by crash1103
Memo Express @ Sta. Lucia has MCA-25 kaso PhP.5,500... Ang mahal! Hirap naman makahanap ng MCA-25 na bnew!

Posted by dethany_cilz
Ive been 2 SE sm city lst sat 4 d r7a upgrade! Di ko natanong kung meron di b na upgrade frm t68m to t68i? Bibili kc ako ng isa pa 4 my gf

Posted by XsuwailX
Kala ko ba free upgrade to R7 sa MX sm north edsa? Galing ako khapon, hndi nman pla!!! :-l

Posted by dethany_cilz
@XsuwaiX, sa SONY ERICSSON sm carpark frč upgrade 2 r7a until april 15

Posted by paul21
u wont lose any settings d b?

Posted by marikit
Hi! Pabutt-in lng ha? What wud happen b if il have my fone upgraded? :-)

Posted by marikit
Okay sbi ko nga nobody wants 2 answer me! Fine! Papost post p kc ako e! :-(

Posted by kookiz
Are you from the Philippines? If you are? I've got good news for you! Sony Ericsson (Cybergate @ SM North Edsa) is offering FREE upgrades for t68mc phones. That includes non-warranty phone like yours and mine.

If you're going to go there, they will warn you of the bad things that will happen to your phone when you flash it. But don't worry, SE is the safest SW flasher around. They will also ask you if you want Chinese (Mixed font sizes and has the Wuziqi Game) or Bahasa (Consistent font sizes w/o Wuziqi) for your software.

R7A013 is the latest software. It has faster menus, doesn't hang (well, I'm speaking for myself anyway), works with mca-25 (Zoom and effects), and all other bugs from the previous versions have been eradicated.

Free until April 15, 2003.

Posted by ogie_gall
do u guys think they offer upgrades for the t200? Tnx in advance.

Posted by Magpakailan-MAN
@marikit, the fonts wil change and it has a help the mca 25 in zooming the camera,:-) yan may sumagot na

Posted by jrm
Hello do u sell bst-24 for my phne.? How much is it coz im going to replace my old bat.tnx

Posted by binoblaine05
Jst got home frm SM north, unluckily they dont upgrade for free any more. They wud charg u 4 500php. I got mine upgrade nwei...

Posted by paul21
have mine upgraded yesterday(sunday) and the april 15, 2003 date is not true,they said that march 31,2003 would be the last day of upgrading for free,,after that upgrade will be charged Php500.
they said that the free upgrade was a part of a trial for upgrading the SW.....

Posted by binoblaine05
Good 4 u paul! Too bad i dint come b4 d promo expired?

Posted by ynohtna
Too bad 4 me too.i just paid 500 pesos 4 d upgrade.i thought until april 15 pa.what the personnel told me was during the promo walang warranty ung upgrade.ung may bayad ay may warranty.I guess theyv realized that many are really making the most out of the free upgrade.anything free,pinoy ang nasa unahan!

Posted by paomig
hello people...happy April Fool's

Posted by vyn300d
malas nga e, di ko inabutan iyong free upgrade...........

Posted by light_saberx
so does that mean there is no free upgrade any more? Bad for me coz i planned to go there today!

Posted by I'm Back!!!
Good Morning!!!

Posted by crowing
for those looking for an MCA25 i saw one at memoexpress at festival supermall. around 4500 nga lang.

for those nokia users who wants the music stand that speaker stand that you put your nokia, its also available there for 4900

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