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muli tasking with p800

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Posted by davey
is it possible to listen to the music on the p800 and be on the internet at the same time, or working on the diary feature etc, if so how do you do it


Posted by hunkone
yes u can. not much to it. go to audio. start song. press application buton on top. choose application like internet or calendar etc. carry on working. the music carries on in the background.

Posted by Coramoor
It rulez!

Posted by fijbert
dont try that with video tho..
ur P8 will crash..
if u load a movie, be sure to wait out the buffering otherwise u get the WSOD...
that is something that shld be fixed

Posted by Coramoor
It is fixed... as it doesn't buffer anymore(not noticeable anyways)

Get your phone to a service centre...

Posted by fijbert
well, I live in canada..
no SE service points around here..
cant I do it myself???

Posted by Chris.d
I dont think u can do it yourself :-(

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