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C901 Firmware update (china to UK?

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Posted by shorterxp

I have c901 but it has chinese firmware on it, including chinese hard-installed network settings among other things. What .mbn and .fbn files are necessery to flash phone to western Europe?

Saved on my PC is C901_R1GA028_FS_WESTERN-EUROPE_RED53.fbn, but what mbn do I use?

I have sucessfully removed hard installed apps from the phone manually using A2uploader but its very tedious finding it all and just want to wipe / refresh the phone with no pre-installed rubbish. Default cam drivers.
Does this involve the custom / mbn file?

The current information taken from a2Uploader:

ChipID:E800,EMP protocol:0401

OTP LOCKED:1 CID:53 PAF:1 IMEI:35467703077234 CERT:RED
LDR:2009-04-21 18:29 1202-0421_DB3210_CS_LOADER_ACC_SDRAM_R2A081
LDR:2009-04-21 18:30 1202-0420_DB3210_CS_LOADER_APP_SDRAM_R2A081

MAPP CXC article: R1GA028 prg1225-4901_APAC_FI
MAPP CXC version: R1GA028
Language Package:APAC-ANZ
CDA article: 1202-0000
CDA version: segsm
Default article: 1212-2027
Default version: R1GA028[/code]
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