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Samsung Unveils Galaxy TabPro S, 2-in-1 Tablet with Windows 10

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Posted by tranced
USA on January 06, 2016

Samsung Electronics announced Galaxy TabPro S, which combines Samsung’s world-class technology, powered by the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system together into a premium tablet. By integrating the most popular features of laptops and tablets, users now have access to full notebook PC functionality in a lightweight tablet for the most productive mobile experience, even on-the-go.

“Galaxy TabPro S balances the best of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab with the wealth of features on the Windows 10 operating system for the most advanced tablet experience on the market,” said Dongjin Ko, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “We’re thrilled to be working with Microsoft Corp. to deliver a 2-in-1 tablet that truly allows people to enjoy productivity and connections that matter most, through a seamless mobile station designed for all purposes.”

High Productivity in a Sleek, Portable Design
Galaxy TabPro S caters to high-efficiency users seeking to maximize their productivity at home, in the office, or on-the-go. The tablet delivers full PC functionality with both Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro for business, so that consumers and business users alike can enjoy all the features and functionality of the Windows 10 operating system, as well as compatibility with their existing IT infrastructure.

At 6.3 millimeters thin and weighing only 693 grams, Galaxy TabPro S is designed to be easily carried around all day. A full-sized keyboard cover, which comes included with the device, also enhances the usability. The keyboard’s flexible hinge enables optimal, dual-angle viewing for the clearest display in any circumstance. Moreover, the Pogo pin on the Galaxy TabPro S keyboard eliminates the need for pairing or charging separately. The keyboard’s touchpad emulates that of a PC to provide easy control, even when used in Stand Mode.

Superior Viewing Experience
Delivering the very first Super AMOLED display for Windows to the market, Galaxy TabPro S features a multitouch screen and a deeper color contrast with 94 percent of natural tones to show true-to-life colors and more precise details for a best-in-class viewing experience. The lightweight, power-efficient 12-inch AMOLED display enables users to enjoy gaming, movies and other popular entertainment with unprecedented clarity and color accuracy.

Powerful Performance
Galaxy TabPro S delivers Samsung’s advanced technology to maximize performance and power efficiency. It is the first tablet, powered by Windows, to support LTE Cat 6 for the fastest and most advanced connected experience. With enhanced fast charging features, Galaxy TabPro S’s battery can fully charge in just 2.5 hours, and offers up to 10.5 hours of battery life* for all day use. For power-driven performance, Galaxy TabPro S is equipped with the latest generation Intel Core M processor, designed for a fanless 2-in-1 tablet, featuring only 4.5W of power consumption to eliminate noise disruption and maximize efficiency.

To enhance productivity, a multi-port adapter (HDMI, USB Type A & C) and Bluetooth Pen are available for purchase separately. Galaxy TabPro S will be available globally, starting from February 2016.

Posted by emerson_shei
Great... Great... Great

Posted by Tsepz_GP
I really like this

Glad I never went through with the iPad Pro purchase. I would love a tablet with Windows 10 now that I have seen both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile in action.

Posted by ascariss
This is a great base level windows tablet, why base level, well core M. I can't seem to find a 2,2ghz core M so I am guessing this is the 2,2ghz turbo boost, meaning we are looking at the M3 like the surface pro 4?


Intel core M is nice but personally I'd prefer the i5 or i7 for a tablet. Big ups for samsung using an OLED and adding LTE but I feel such an LTE model will not be cheap, same goes for the base tablet. Honestly hope it comes with the keyboard as standard and not an accessory. Of course the usb type c is a nice touch and welcomed.

Currently shopping around for a new laptop, always wanted an oled screem but at 12 inches, it is a tad too small, the only other options are the lenovo thinkpad X1 yoga with OLED or the hp spectre x360 (not a fan of its design). Unfortunately the lenovo does not have usb type c.

Hmm seems the bluetooth pen is old separately, shame.

Posted by badassmam
My biggest issue is that you can't rest tablets on your lap if they have those flimsy keyboards. I had a a thin keyboard which worked well on a table but I just couldn't sit in bed and use it, even watching a movie was difficult. My tablet has essentially become a laptop now since I have a solid keyboard that has a battery with it.

I have an i5 in mine and its flawless, I've never had any issues and this is my third year with it. Windows 10 has been very well optimised which helps massively. Also, anyone wanting to by a pen should go hands on with the Surface 3 pen, that is the benchmark. My Dell pen was awful and I massively regret not checking out the Surface pen because it was something that I really wanted.

Tablet looks good though, the whole platform is working well for Windows.

Posted by tranced
I assume that the combination of LTE and a Intel M processor is a way to have this tablet not so expensive, not so cheap. Imagine this tablet with a Core iX processor. That'd be way more expensive.

Posted by Tsepz_GP

On 2016-01-07 14:30:53, tranced wrote:
I assume that the combination of LTE and a Intel M processor is a way to have this tablet not so expensive, not so cheap. Imagine this tablet with a Core iX processor. That'd be way more expensive.


This is something that is meant to go right up against the iPad Pro LTE 128GB, so the mix of Core M and LTE will help keep prices lower, although not that low as after all this is Samsung.

Posted by tranced
You mean $am$ung

Posted by ascariss

On 2016-01-07 14:30:53, tranced wrote:
I assume that the combination of LTE and a Intel M processor is a way to have this tablet not so expensive, not so cheap. Imagine this tablet with a Core iX processor. That'd be way more expensive.

Prices out of germany for the tablet.

base is 999 euros, so wifi only model, 128GB, Win 10 home. Adding Win 10 pro adds another 100 euros, and then adding LTE another 100 euros. No idea if the version with LTE only is with win 10 pro but it might be the case. Looking at 1199 euros for LTE with win 10 pro. Stylus is extra, but it comes with the keyboard as standard which feels cramped.

Surface pro 4 with m3 costs 999 euros but that is without the keyboard but does come with a stylus. No amoled though.

Intel just announced their compute stick with core M, either m3 or m5. So might grab one to hook up to my tv.

Posted by tranced
Wow! I thought it'd be cheapier. But compared to the SF Pro, it's a decent competitor.

Posted by emerson_shei

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