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T39m language pack & firmware

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Posted by overglube
Hello everyone.

I have a few T39m/mc phones, and I want to upload the Russian langpack to them (at least), and update their firmware to the latest version R4A008.

A friend of mine send me this archive, it should contain the latest FW & proper langpack, I just don't have the proper software to upload these *.bis and *.bih files.
Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/m9ay9x6bu3fq6p5/T39m_FW_R4A008.zip

Tools I have:
-- original Ericsson COM-cable (RPM 113 7658 R1A/Type 4040030)
-- original Sony Ericsson USB-cable (KRY 111 117 R5B/Type 4040032)
-- NoName PL2303 USB-cable

Is it possible to upgrade FW/langpack on T39m at home, without special tools? If not, what equipment do I need?

Posted by amigo69
Hi Overglube,

Is Your problem solved? I asked You because I bought T39m, and it is blocked. I do not know how repair it.
I think tha t phone must be flash with firmware but I do not know how.

Posted by overglube
Hi, amigo69,

I'm sorry to say that, but, as of now, it seems that there's no solution to flash (and unlock too) these old Ericsson-made phones at home, just with your PC and proper cable :c

I had to send these faulty T39m's to my another friend, who has an ancient service-tool for such phones, and access to paid software for it as well, and with the help of ATR Box (some dongle-thingy, like JAF Box for Nokias, Medusa JTAG for Qualcomm phones, etc., but this one was for Ericssons...) he succesfully flashed them.

By the way, keep in mind, that you need to unlock your phone, not to flash it -- it is important, because firmware and SIM/phone locks are located in different parts of phone's memory, so the operations are different for each case. Keep asking old service-centre employees, who worked with Ericsson phones, and who knows, maybe one day one can help you for free (or for a beer...)

Best luck with your phone!
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