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Note 4 or K Zoom?

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Posted by northmonkey
I'm looking for another phone, haven't bought one for a while.

I like a very capable camera phone so my only options really are the Note 4 or the K Zoom, which do you think I should go for?

Zooming and cropping is important to me but from the videos I have seen the Note 4 has a very good digital zoom even at 8x and is also good with cropping.

The K Zoom obviously has the optical zoom and xenon flash but I don't know if the note takes better pics or not?

Price wise, on Ebay it seems you can get a K Zoom for between £170-£200 and the Note for between £420-£450.

Opinions please.


Posted by hihihans
Looking at the photos posted here I'm not impressed by zoom-K.

Posted by cu015170
Note 4

Posted by aussieland1
Note 4 takes very good photos however it costs twice as much. If you are going to use it mainly yo take photos I would suggest k zoom otherwise if you want a powerful phone as well then Note 4

Posted by tranced
If you ask me, I'd say the Note 4. Also, I think Samsung is likely to drop the support on the K in a near future. And the Note 4 outperform the K.

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