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3G not connecting after factory reset in Note 3

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Posted by gjrinx
My Note 3 has been runing weird so I did a factory reset without improvement. I then exchanged a new battery from mpj and the problem was solved. However, another problem arised. 3g is not working and the symbol has not appeared after factory reset. Network settings are correct. Need help please!
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Posted by tranced

I would suggest that perform a factory reset again. Also, try taking out the sim and putting in again.

Posted by XperiaJunkie
Hi, I've known this to happen before. I've see it a few times in my store and a possible solution would be a sim carx failure. Try a friends sim card in your phone if it works then order a new sim card from your network. This has been known to fix this issue from my own experience. Good luck

Posted by kunalmothe
After factory reset all the setting is get comes on basic means it perform like a newly starts mobile. You just need go settings and click on mobile connection at here you will get 3G or 2G support options.

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