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C905a - Debrand = Wifi Does Not Work

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Posted by kay188
I've been searhing high and low on the internet for this problem, only few people have it.

I have a C905a and when you debrand it, the WIFI MAC address becomes all 0's.
I flashed with A2.

That leads to WIFI not working. It turns on and just keeps saying "searching".

I have found the customized_upgrade script to put the MAC address back in, but that doesn't work either.

I've flashed with an early firmware R1DA032, and even the latest firmware R1FA035.
I have tried different region firmwares and custom files.
I even tried flashing back to the stock firmware the phone came with from the Carrier Rogers.

I still have the WIFI MAC address issue.

Does anyone have any thoughts or help on this?
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Posted by tranced
What method you used to debrand the phone?

Posted by kay188
I used A2 to debrand my phone.

I've flashed it over many times with different region firmwares and CDA custom files.

Still the WIFI is broken with the MAC address all 0's.

I tried flashing to a very early version of the fimware and changing the CDA and using SEUS to update, but that doesn't work either.
SEUS no longer lists the phone in the supported phones, but if I select a random phone and connect it, it says "Your phone already has the latest software."

Posted by tranced
I was looking over the net as well and I saw that this could be the wifi chip(hardware). I resist to believe this.

Others say that it's related to the GDFS. Omnius could fix that. Can't remember if for free though.
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Posted by kay188
I highly doubt it's a hardware issue because WIFI works on factory firmware from the carrier.

I'm okay with paying for Omnius. It's the only way now to do things properly such as changing red to brown.

I'm buying another C905a from someone else right now. If that has the same problem, I will pay for Omnius and try repairing the GDFS.

When I do, I'll post back with my findings. Not many people have this issue.

Posted by kay188
I just checked with Omnius. I tried the memory diagnostic and Omnius reports there's nothing wrong.

I'm not sure how else to repair the GDFS.

Posted by mlife
... That's an odd issue - If I remember correctly, when I got my C905a from AT&T it was the exact opposite issue. If I recall correctly, you couldn't use wi-fi with the AT&T branded device till you loaded a custom firmware which then allowed that ability.

Posted by kay188
The C905a from Rogers has WIFI enabled by default and it works with the locked Rogers firmware.

However, I flashed it and it doesn't work.

This is really weird. It could be a hardware issue, but I'm getting another C905a and I'll find out soon if it's hardware or software.

Posted by kay188
I have just found out that it's not a hardware issue, but a software issue becuase I got it to work somehow.

I'm in the process of reflashing the phones to confirm my findings.
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Posted by kay188
Here is the fix.

I discovered why.


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