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This new root method should work on almost any current Android phone

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Posted by tranced
If you’ve been waiting for root access on your AT&T or Verizon Android phone – today’s your lucky day. Cracker legend Geohot built and released a tool called Towelroot on Sunday night that will let you root your Android phone, as long as it has a kernel date prior to June 3. Root access, in this context, means the user can access and modify any file or folder in the system.

If you’d like to root your device, first download the app from Towelroot, sideload the .apk onto your device, and press the button (labeled “make it ra1n”). It’s an extraordinarily simple root method, and the process should take less than five minutes.


Posted by difenbaker
video tutorial;


Posted by hgautam
Unfortunately not working on my Z1, India.

Posted by tranced
@hgautam: at the Towelroot site says:

if this doesn't work on your phone
e-mail my gmail geohot+towelroot
with "adb logcat" output and build
and we'll see what can be done

Give it a try

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