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Note 3 GPS difficult to connect on trains.normal?

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Posted by noznodi
I have a Note 3 and use GPS and mapping app a lot while traveling, and it will be installed the huge mpj extended battery so that not be having to worry about making it through the day with my heavy GPS usage. It generally syncs itself just fine in most cases but I noticed it is difficult to get a connection on trains. Is that normal?

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Hmmm, maybe it's conflicting with the use of magnets or electrical wires so on or above the train?
I suggest also going into your Location settings and setting it on High Accuracy (if it's not already on it).

Posted by mlife
Next time you ride the train, try this.... before you board, get a good gps lock (while still on platform) and just watch the signal as you board and start moving. This will hopefully give you more info as to what might be happening i.e.
-electrical interference
-recalculation failure (inability to lock due to movement)
-poor signal through roof of train


good luck, keep us posted.

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