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UK supermarket offering 179.99 deal on the LG G Pad 8.3

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Posted by Bonovox
This one's a quick heads up for any Brits that might have their eye on the LG G Pad 8.3 on a great deal currently in play. Asda might not be the first place you head to pick up your Android devices, but in this case you really should since the G Pad is just £179.99.

Asda already offers a great list price of £199.99 on the tablet, but right now if you use a certain voucher code – available in the item listing on the website – then you can snag the extra £20 discount. And that makes it a pretty fantastic option. No telling how long the special offer will be around, so if you want one hit up the link below. You can even have it delivered to a store to collect when you do your weekly grocery shop.


An excellent tablet almost like a larger version of my G2 except with 5 meg camera and Snapdragon 600 processor. I would choose this over Nexus Larger screen,SD slot too etc

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