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Xperia E1 - Official

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Posted by goldenface
Introducing Xperia™ E1 – simply the best smartphone in its class

January 2014, London, UK – Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) today introduces Xperia E1, a new Android smartphone that brings Sony’s leading audio technologies together with expertise in display, design, performance and content to create a smartphone independently recognised as the “best smartphone in its class”1.

4” WVGA (800 x 480) display
Fast 1.2 GHz dual core processor with 512 MB RAM and 4GB storage
WalkmanTM key, shake to shuffle and hardware controls for easy music control
Fast data speeds with Cat 14 HSPA+
Available in white, black and purple
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Posted by Bonovox
Least they upped the screen res this time. HVGA was criminal

Posted by Arne Anka
it appears the external speaker can produce 100 dB.

Posted by goldenface
It should have been branded , the dedicated Walkman button is a great idea. I'm wondering if it has a Walkman branded media player like the phones had.

Posted by itsjustJOH
Xperia™ E1 Official Video


Also, listen to this one when he cranks up the volume to max @3:15:

Sony Xperia E1: First Look (ru)
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Posted by randomuser
RRP €129 in Belgium, €139 in Germany, €149 in the Netherlands.

Posted by goldenface
That's a very good price.

Posted by Away
If only it had 1gb ram...

Posted by Bonovox
1 gig ram should be the minimum these days even though Google says 4.4 runs well on 512. Is this 100db speaker Sony's answer to Boom sound by HTC?? Does that mean more teenagers on buses playing their annoying music louder

Posted by Away
Samsung should pay Sony to not make their low end devices look better than Samsung flagships...

It's low end. 512mb is what it gets.

Posted by amirprog
seems like washed out viewing angles is a thing of the past for all sony devices, including E1, quite impressive for low end device: http://youtu.be/3qz65USRXio?t=2m33s
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Posted by AkuKL
They should at least put FWVGA instead of WVGA screen.

Posted by AkuKL
Anyone know if the camera is auto-focus?

Posted by miromiromi
the best looking low end smartphone at the moment. i just wish they stop using that awful wallpaper. what's really great about that? it's ugly. it makes the display look inferior.

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