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Samsung profit outlook misses estimates

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Posted by Del
Is Samsung losing its touch now and the magic is gone ?
Samsung profit outlook misses estimates http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23192664

Posted by winnerzero
Best news I've read all week... Maybe people have started to realize how inferior Samsung products are...

Posted by Tsepz_GP

On 2013-07-05 08:41:05, winnerzero wrote:
Best news I've read all week... Maybe people have started to realize how inferior Samsung products are...

good one! If Samsung are making "inferior" products and still managing to make an ACTUAL profit, then other phone makers must be making some horrendous products.

So Samsung's growth maybe slowing, bound to happen, nobody has the sort of growth they've had forever, even Android's growth has dropped a gear, seems to go hand-in-hand. These are just profit projections though, and the final numbers wont be out until end of the month. Profit does seem to be higher this time compared to the same time last year according to Bloomberg, it's STILL going to be a record quarter for Samsung, the numbers are just not as high as analysts estimated. Other OEMs would love to be in this position, plenty money in the bank and STILL turning RECORD profit during a slump, so it's actually not such great news for those who hate Samsung, sorry guys! Apple are said to be going through the same.




To be sure, Samsung's 9.5 trillion won ($8.3 billion) operating profit forecast, up 47 percent from a year ago, is a record and it is expected to report higher earnings in the current and fourth quarters as sales of its latest Galaxy S4 phone pick up and new products hit the stores. Prices of memory chips, another industry which Samsung holds the lead, are also expected to remain strong.

"Samsung's got diversified businesses. When one business lags, it's got others outperforming and propping up the overall profit," Jung at Dongbu said.

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Posted by etaab
Heh, yes its such a silly thing to say.

I know these companies put a lot of time and money into analysing the market, but no company can continue to grow indefinitely. If theres only 1 million people in the market (for example), you cant sell more than 1 million units unless people buy more than one.

Its good to know its a healthy start to the year again for them, which in turn is better for us as consumers. Imagine if there was no HTC or Samsung, Android would be in trouble with Sony, ZTE and the other budget OEM's pushing back at Apple.

Posted by titus1
Samsung's peaked at S3 & Note 2...

I think people are starting to puke. Samsung should at least slow down a bit, just a bit...to look at how they flooded the market with every segment imaginable. Confusing people with their Note and Tab, which is honestly one and the same. Not to mention the messed up octa S4.

Posted by titus1
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Posted by renz2030

help po, how to configure my nokia 5130c-2 for free mobile internet. smart and globe user po aq.
please nmn po..

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