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FS: Manufacturer refurbed mint condition Lumia 800 (Cyan), and brand new Lumia 820 (Black) for sale

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Posted by Bhavv
Both are on T Mobile network, UK only.

I just had a stroke of major luck with T Mobile's great customer service combined with EE's rubbish repair center.

I had to send my Lumia 800 back for repair as the battery wasnt holding any charge, and they took over 6 weeks to sort it out. I called them during this time and they claimed to have never received it back in the first place!

So then I called up T Mobile who after trying to chase it up with no luck sent me a brand new Lumia 820 as a replacement. On the same day that arrived, my Lumia 800 also came back repaired and the battery and everything else is fine and in mint condition

So I'm selling them both and have already bought a white Lumia 920 sim free.

I would prefer to sell them through my Ebay page, this isnt a company or commercial account, just my personal one that I've used for selling my previous phones and computer hardware, and you can check my 100% positive feedback, and have the extra security of buying through ebay.

Lumia 800:


Lumia 820:


Current prices are £130 for the Lumia 800, and £280 for the Lumia 820 including postage by RM Special Delivery and best offers are also accepted (looking for a minimum of £100 + £250 though).

Pictures - Lumia 800 and repair invoice:

Lumia 820:

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Posted by Bhavv
Lumia 800 price cut to £119, and the Lumia 820 has been reduced in price to £260, both including delievery.
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