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FS: Grey Lumia 920

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Posted by ashyk36
Hello, for sale I have my grey lumia 920.

Bought this phone a week ago. Have used it for a couple of days however the phone doesnt have a big enough screen compared to my galaxy note 2, so I have decided to sell and wait for a windows phone with a 5+ inch screen.

The phone is in grey which is not available within the UK. I must say this is the best coloured phone I have ever had, it is absolutely gorgeous.

The phone comes with the box, manuals, charger, headset and the sim tray pin. The receipt will be sent with the phone too.

The phone was bought sim free so it is unlocked to any network.

Any questions please feel free to ask. I wont post the specifications as I'm guessing you already know these.

Lastly I have used it for a couple of days but the phone is brand new, there is no marks or scratches on the phone.

Thank you for looking

Looking for around £550
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Posted by ashyk36

Lowered to £450

Posted by anfetamina
PM sent

Posted by ashyk36
Pm's replied, sorry about the lateness

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