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A little bit older 2011 vs 2012 Xperias vs a 2010 LG?

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Posted by alenn
Hello fellow Esatonians!

Finally that day has come.My N900 is now dead.I had my share of fun since I got it and I would buy it again but sadly the hardware is too old and let's face it - the OS is dead and soon TMO will desintegrate into tiny bits of future XDA'ers.And so sorry that I was absent.Again.I have no Internet and that's hardly any suprise in Croatia.I'm 16 for a little bit now and one parent has lost their job..Blahblahblah..To cut this short:

I'm buying second hand almost new or in great condition devices. (not from evilBay,I meet with local people)
LG Optimus 2x is my favourite because of the Tegra 2 chipset and not too bad screen and both of the cameras.Also great hackability!Even Ubuntu and dual ROMs.
Second fav is the Xperia Neo.Great looking phone to me.It has a nice camera and a VGA on the front.You get it don't you?I want a front cam.Now the both devices go used (but in good condition) and with warranty for about 130EUR.So are the new Xperias,namely the P and U any better for the higher price?I could even grab an J.
Thanks in advance!
p.s I have an SE S500
and writing on it ATM.Very disappointing phone..

Other phones in the same price and spec range?
And I'm so glad to be here again!
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Posted by randomuser
Get the Xperia P

Posted by alenn
OK,explain why..
Are other Xperias that behind, etc.
Is Neo any good? Any more in range of it?

Posted by randomuser

On 2013-04-09 17:20:10, alenn wrote:
OK,explain why..
Are other Xperias that behind, etc.
Is Neo any good? Any more in range of it?

Better Camera

1 GB of RAM vs 512 in the others

More powerful chipset

Official JB

1080p video recording

Better Build Quality

Better screen

Posted by Lightspeed_x
I agree with randomuser. If the price is not that high, comparatively, get it.

The only downside is the lack of a MicroSD port, so you will have to do with the internal 16GB of storage.

Posted by alenn
I will probably go with the P then.If not, then probably Xperia Neo.All newer Xperias like the P,U,Sola,etc are almost the same price.Neo is cheaper and for me, not that bad.

Posted by RandomCarpet
Why not a second hand Xperia P, then?
Build quality of P is superb, especially the aluminum "unibody" part. I have quite heavily abused my P - have dropped it more than 15 times and there is only a single small dent on it and no scratches and I have never put a case on it.

I highly recommend the silver (unpainted) color. Not only IMO it looks much better than the black and red variants, but I've heard that paint starts to fall off on those.

The screen of P is also one of the best, IMO.

Optimus 2X might also be a good choice, but I have no direct experience with it.

Posted by alenn
I think the Optimus is good but older.I like it though.

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