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What is the problem with my Xperia X10 screen?

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Posted by norno3
I fell over the other day and I landed on my side. Unfortunately my phone was in my pocket, it was already cracked, and when i unlocked it I had this grey bit covering my screen which has gradually crept across the rest of the screen. The touchscreen still works fine but I can't see what I am touching. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with my screen?


Posted by tranced
It's the LCD. It got damaged and that's why you get grey area.

Posted by norno3
So how do I fix it?

Posted by tranced
The only way to fix it is to get another LCD.

Posted by moogoo
time for a new phone! consider it a blessing in disguise

Posted by johandirano
Best opportunities to have a brand new phone.

Posted by alex445
its a time for new cell


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