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Current Android version distribution shows growth in Jelly Bean

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Posted by laffen
Google has released figures showing that most Android handsets still run 2.3 Gingerbread but Jelly Bean continue to grow. The distribution of all other versions decreased since last month

Android version distribution March 2013

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Posted by bavlondon2
Are all those pre ICS ones handsets that are presumably not able to update to anything more recent?

Posted by laffen
The overview shows current install base of phones accessing the Google Play store. After a major OS update for a popular smartphone model, the version percentages will change slightly. When the popular Galaxy S III received the 4.1 Jelly Bean we saw a bump from 4.0 to 4.1. Samsung has sold over 40 million of the Galaxy S3. There is over 400 million phones running Android now, so i theory we could see 10% reduction of ICS devices and an increase of 10% for Jelly Bean. Google has not reported which handsets are still running ICS

Posted by chunkybeats
im happy with 2.3.4 on my neo v, no need for rubbish ics on it. Also im not keen on jellybean for new handsets as you lose flash, no thanks!

Posted by Tsepz_GP
I currently have Adobe Flash Player 11.1 installed in my GS3 and I use the Skyfire web browser for some stubborn websites.

WRT ICS, I have to disagree, maybe SE/Sony's version was terrible, but IMO it was a great leap in Android both UI and functionality wise. It also brought great battery life in Android4.0.4. My GS2 is still sitting on 4.0.4, it runs beautifully, fast, fluid and very smooth with great battery life.

Naturally I prefer JB, Project Butter has my GS3 running like a well oiled machine.
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Posted by bavlondon2
So basically what this means is less than 50% are running a high end Android phone. Basically tells us that Androids meaningful global market share is actually less than 25%. Most of their phones are mid and low end.

Posted by goldenface
JB runs sweet on the Xperia T and looks very nice. Google Now is quite good too - a worthy upgrade.

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