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Transferring files from PC to android

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Posted by imazz
I wanted to transfer a file with a .db extension from my PC to the Download folder on a HTC One S, why is this so difficult?

Attempt 1: sent it to my gmail address - The Gmail app won't let you save a file that isn't a photo, so fail.
Attempt 2: sent it to my o2 address - The HTC email app won't let me save this file either, another fail.
Attempt 3: bluetooth, this failed with an error message about the destination device won't accept this sort of file.
Attempt 4: Used Google Drive, this downloads the file to an obscure folder that i couldn't find.
Attempt 5: Used ES File explorers Google Drive access, copied and pasted the file to the correct folder.

This used to be easier on earlier versions of android i'm sure!

Posted by tranced
Didn't you try the USB mode?

Posted by imazz
I didn't try USB at the time.

I have just tried it, probably the first time since my phone updated to jelly bean.

After plugging in the USB cable, about two minutes later a CD drive appears. Clicking on it gives the error message "Please insert a disk into drive F:.". Again, this used to work.

Posted by tranced

In your phone, you should select the usb mass storage option to enable the file transfer between your phone and computer. Right after you plug the phone, in the status bar, drop it down and select the file transfer mode.

Posted by imazz
Seems i'm not the only one


Posted by imazz
Seems to work after installing HTC sync.

I uninstalled HTC sync immediately after installing it hoping it would leave the drivers behind, it did.

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