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FS: SonyEricsson W707 Alicia SOLD

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Posted by hanky

Hello Guys,

I'm going sell some nice, unreleased protos from my collection, as I need to finance some other phones that will replace them .

For such reason, here is a list of unreleased Sony Ericsson protos that I'm selling: Alicia W707. All come with battery and charger only, all of them are in nice condition with working SW on them.

BeiBei is gone
Paris and M610 are also gone. Now only Alicia is available

Payment via PayPal only.

Offers in PM please.

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Posted by Lollylost100
How working is the FW on Twiggy? Does it freeze every few minutes?

Does the outer screen on the Alicia work?

Posted by hanky
The Twiggy works OK, it does not realy freeze, you can make phone calls and everything. The outer screen of the Alicia is also working, you can add weather widget for example.

Posted by hanky

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Posted by hanky

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Posted by domipost
Do you have any indication on the prize for BeiBei and Alicia?

Posted by Maresch
I used to have 2 of the Alicias.. is yours with AT&T branded software? A pity they never released it..
Here some pictures of the one with working outer display. I remember selling it to Slovakia I guess.

Posted by hanky
My came with and unbranded SW and also with working widgets on the outer screen. It's a beautiful phone!

Posted by Angello
anybody who's interested in those kinds of phones send me PM

Posted by hanky
I believe, if you want to sell your phones, you should open your own FS topic and not use somebody else's.

Posted by gilson
I'm really interested in the Paris. Could you tell me who did you sell it to??

Posted by hanky
I still have the following phones for sale:

If anyone interested, please PM me.

Posted by hanky
BeiBei is now gone.

What I still have left:
- Paris
- M610
- Alicia

Posted by hanky
Paris and M610 are gone.

Only Alicia is available.

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