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Unlocking my previous unlocked k800i :O

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Posted by nickcob111
Hello Esato,

Today i wanted to export the .midi files of musicdj and that did not really end well.
With XS++ i disconnected the k800i to early when (just) exploring system files. I could not get the midi files off for some reason. Then i rebooted my phone and got the white screen of death. I searched a bit and then find out my file system was corrupt so i reflashed the firmware and filesystem.

When i bought this phone it was locked with T-Mobile. The day i bought it i went to a localshop that unlocked it for me so that i could use vodafone. But now because i reflashed (generic) firmware it got LOCKED AGAIN:O how could i unlock my phone? Thanks

Posted by hihihans
This thread should get you somewhere

Posted by elpasco
As you said your phone k800i has been locked after re-flashing you can use a unlock code to unlock your mobile permanently .You can get the code for your mobile from the site ProUnlocking.com .You can get the code by providing simple information about your phone like the country and the network to which your phone is locked.After providing the details you will get the code via mail,using the code you can unlock your phone and can be used with any other GSM network.

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