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Want to root my Xperia U

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Posted by junkaholic
Hi, I have an Xperia U with the Canadian carrier Fido and I want to root it to kill some hard wire apps to hopefully improve speed. When I go to that configuration screen it says Bootloader Unlock Allowed = No.

What exactly does that mean and why can't I root this phone? What are my alternatives?

BTW, another thing is I did not upgrade to ICS as I felt Sony was sorta saying you may experience performance issues, as ICS runs better on 1 GB RAM. Any comments are welcome.

Thank you. Other than my performance issues with the, I sure like the size and the screen, it's very bright and great resolution.

Posted by bluechip
Get something called "Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v9" from the web,
also the drivers for your model, connect with MSC mode and enable USB debugging...
the rest u can find when u start the rooting tool.

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