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k800i dead, please help.

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Posted by Nucks
Hey, first of all thank you for reading this post.

Since monday my phone died, and i have been trying to revive it for the last 2 days on my own without succes reading countless of posts around the internet.

I have tried updating the erom using xs++ (cid49, red) , trying to use sony pc suite and seus both claiming i got the latest version and refusing to repair, and i really dont know what to do anymore.
I also tried the Wotanclient and holding down 2+5, but that just gives me a error that it wont update the erom.

I tried 2 different batteries both with the same result, either it turns on for a short period of time, i can type in my pin and it freezes, or i get wsod, or it doesn't go on at all and the red led blinks 5/6x. If someone could please talk me through how to fix this or point me in the right direction, perhaps help me out on skype (if so pm me please). There is important notes on this phone that i realise i shoulda backed up but ya...
Thank you again for reading.


Welcome to SEtool2 ( LITE edition ) v 1.10
supported DB2010/DB2012 CID49/50/51/52, DB2020 CID49/51/52
Loaded 51 flash descriptors

ChipID:9900,EMP protocol:0301
FLASH CID detected:49
Flash ID check:897E
Flash props sent ok
OTP LOCKED:1 CID:49 PAF:1 IMEI:351xxxxxxxxxxx CERT:RED

MAPP CXC article: R1CB001 prgCXC1250210_GENERIC_WI
MAPP CXC version: R1CB001
Language Package:EUROPE_3
CDA article: CDA102511/32
CDA version: R7A
Default article: cxc1250490
Default version: R1CB001

Network LOCKED

Elapsed:7 secs.
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Posted by hihihans
Sorry, but is looks like you tried everything.
Time to move on and find a new friend that fits in your pocket.

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