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Xperia Arc S Questions

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Posted by northmonkey
Need a cheapish phone and looking at picking up a cheap Arc S off Ebay or maybe the S2 one or the other but need to know a few things:-

1.How good is the camera? I've heard reviews saying the reds are off and the pictures aren't great?
2.Why did Sony remove the Macro Mode from the camera? this seems baffling, does this mean Macro shots can't be done?
3.What is battery life and speed like?


Posted by Lightspeed_x
2.- I dont understand either. Macro shots can be done, but only via auto mode (the phone detects the scene and decides if macro mode should be used )

Posted by roanmy
Mine was fine until 4.0.4 and up.

Now it; gets incredibly hot, is slow, runs out of memory VERY quickly, and the battery seems to last about an hour. =(

Posted by northmonkey
Thanks for the replies so far, I need to ask a few more things:-

Can this run on ICS without problems?
What is image quality and video quality like?
Is it true that when recording it is fixed focus and not autofocus?

Posted by Lightspeed_x
Video recording (in my Xperia arc, 4.0.4 fw) uses continuous autofocus.

I find image quality above average, although not great, specially in auto mode. One gripe I have is night mode, it doesnt seem to work as expected.

Im running ICS without any serious issues so far, besides the phone getting hot after some use. Hope it gets improved later.

Posted by northmonkey
Thanks, so the camera quality hasn't improved since the new firmware updates then?

Posted by Indiandawg
Few pictures taken from my Xperia Arc S. If it can help you anyway

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