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Should Esato have a total re-launch?

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Posted by jagger2k
Hey all, I've not been on this forum for a while now, mainly due to me no longer owning Sony Ericsson phones and the fact SE no longer exist. Now thinking back in SE glory days, this forum was booming, now it just feels like the same forum with very little lift left in it.

This made me wonder if Esato could do with a re-book, be less SE orientated, update the logos, banners, do away with the old themes and wallpapers for old school phones and be more and include more for Android, iPhone and Windows phone.

I think this will attract more visitors to the site and get this place booming like it once used to.

Only an idea. What's your opinions?

Posted by hihihans
There are already separate chapters for all brands and you can have an avatar of every phone ever available.

Posted by tranced
@hihihans: please repost here and let's continue there

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