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Posted by alfajerry
Hi guys, I'd appreciate some advice.
I installed Latitude on my X10 Mini Pro using my gmail address, I've now given the Pro to my wife and I have an X10Mini, which has used the same email for Latitude.
How can I put my wife's email into her Pro, I can't see any option in the Latitude menus to change it?
Thanks for any help.

Posted by goldenface
Each Android device requires you to add at least one google account. Do you not add her account from the settings menu?

Posted by jplacson
On the X10 MP? If you're running the stock FroYo, you'll have to do a full factory reset as there is no way to remove the first google account entered.

If you don't mind just adding, then you have to add her account in the main settings under Accounts. Hers will be a secondary account.

Posted by alfajerry
Hi guys,
The Pro is fully updated which means Android 2.1 Update 1.
Have tried to add an account but it keeps telling me I have no network connection even though the wifi is on and I'm sat next to the router.

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