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Xperia GX made waterproof

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Posted by yuunanase
Just sent my GX to Liquipel today. Works very well.


Posted by Supa_Fly
hehehe, dude that is NOT waterproof nor does it offer any benefit of what a Motorola RAZR droid device can do straight from the factory.

Goto a swimming pool, hold it & operate it under water for 15mins in the deep end, filming it ... THEN you can claim close to being waterproof. What you've demonstrated is water-resistance.

Posted by HxH
Engadget just report today about Liquidpel in Hong Kong


How about Xperia GX watersafe certification level?

Engadget says will only Level I guarantee for devices that not belong to the list?

I wish Xperia S will add to list very soon
[ This Message was edited by: HxH on 2012-09-08 14:17 ]

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