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The last breath for Flash Player for Android

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Posted by laffen
Adobe ends new installation of Flash for Android devices from today. Existing handsets will still receive security updates, but new and non-certified devices will from August 15th not be able to download and install the Flash player from Google Play

Adobe Flash Player for mobile ends

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Posted by admad
That's pretty sad, it's true that most popular webpages support HTML5, but normal webpages, that haven't been infected with HTML5 frenzy, often happens to have a flash content. And not being able to view it on a "smart"phone is just silly. What's more, phones have struggled to support flash, but slow CPUs and lack of GPU made it close impossible. Now that the phones actually have power to do that (quad-core CPUs, powerful GPUs), the project is announced dead. How illogical is that?

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