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Nikon rumored to release a digital camera running Android

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Posted by laffen
Nikon could be releasing its first Android based digital camera on August 22nd just weeks before the annual Photokina imaging fair

Nikon Coolpix S800c Android digital camera

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Posted by razec
Welcome to the world of fragmentation Nikon!

Nikon must ensure their Android Coolpix will

* run the latest OS version
* recieve updates everytime
* pack quad-core or more SoC
* multi-Gigabyte ram
* high capacity battery
* capacitive touchscreen
* would be 10mm slim!
* will beat Nokia 808

to please the users
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Posted by Guarulhos
Release Doomed To Failure !

It Does Not Help To Launch a Digital Camera With Operating System Android, If The Version Of Android Is "OUTDATED" And Does Not Allow The Use Of Camera On Mobile Phone (Completion Of Calls, SMS, MMS) !

A Real "White Elephant" !


P.S: If You Really Want a NIKON Compete With 808 PureView Should Launch a Real CAMERAPHONE (Functions Mobile Phone + Digital Camera) !!!

Posted by laffen

I thought you already had a place where every camera model in the world except the 808 would receive negative comments from you. Please do not spread that negativity over to this or any of the other threads

Secondly. Do you care which software version your three year old Canon PowerShot has? I don't think so. The Android version could be an issue when installing apps from the Google Play Store, but I don't think the software itself will cause any trouble.
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Posted by ILoveBhe
what benefits android could bring to nikon cameras?

Ability to edit photos
Local Connectivity (bluetooth, wifi, nfc)
Camera with sim card
its gonna be called Smartcam lol

Posted by Guarulhos
You Are Mistaken Interpretation Of What I Wrote Earlier, What I Wrote Is Not In Any Moment Of Negativity, But a Reality !

P.S: Simple !!!

Posted by reeflotz
we can't say yet that an 808 is a "good deal more" because this is just a rumor, and what if it turns out this produces better images than 808?

lol for such a baseless opinion guarulhos

back on topic, I'd say android is just an extra for the camera, maybe have some apps for retouching/framing/uploading photos?

just like the newer sony walkman z series today, comes equipped with android although it is primarily a music player.

Posted by ILoveBhe
One thing is for sure, consumers will be shedding more to get one and that will be closing the price gap between the 808 and P&S nikon cams.

And one thing more, its a nikon, a breed of cameras, it should produce better quality images than 808.
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Posted by Bonovox
Cool!! Nikon are great at cameras. Samsung already make Smart Cameras with a touch screen icon based OS. It was only a matter if time before this happened. Cameras now have Wi Fi too. Would have been super cool if Nikon had made a camera phone

Posted by ILoveBhe
and then the truth shall reveal, nikon is just preparing for a possible team up with samsung. Bad news for sony. Lols just kidding. An out of this world thought

Posted by razec
I do agree with ILoveBhe's post: adding android would give that coolpix more function. but with all the afterservice headaches associated with Android platform It will do more harm than good imo. though still let's hope this Android Coolpix will be something like the Sony RX100 class, with 1" CX sensor to at least silence the skeptics and 808 fanboys I agreewith bonovox, Nikon cameras have the best JPEG processing of most consumer cameras, so image quality will be amazing.

@ILoveBhe: Samsung Nikon partnership? I doubt that. especially when Samsung has an ugly reputation for being a copycat according to apple. Nikon wouldn't want their name tarnished like that
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Posted by Bonovox
Yes some of the newer Sony digital cameras which have 16 to 18 megs are not that good image wise but are amazing for video in AVCHD format. But Nikon make better images in my eye. Only thing about Nikon sometimes is they tend to have hardware problems quite often in my experience

Posted by razec
actually all cameras with RAW functionality produces similar image quality to me. its the JPEG quality that gives Nikon a huge advantage over Canon and Sony. you can't beat Nikon with that

Posted by ILoveBhe
is there even a possibility that fanboy labeling will stop here? Even on topics not related to sony and nokia, labeling still jumps in.

Praises on the 808 tho, this is a dedicated digital camera thread and on the firt page it says its aimed to defeating the 808. Well, unles sony will revive the cybershot series and prefer to stick with those punynsensors, they wont have a chance in image quality race. But they still win with regards to sales tho, almost all high end phones carry the sony module. Perhaps its just rational, give nokia the the image quality title but sony is cashing all the money...just thinkingnaloud

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