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C510 Menu key not working.plz help

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Posted by Elecran

I have a Sony Ericsson C510 and my menu key (the central joystick) is not working. The directional arrows and the numpad keys (apart from 5 and C) are working fine.

I am trying to connect my phone to my computer so that I may transfer my contacts, messages, etc. When I connect my phone to my computer, the USB modes menu shows up but I can't select any of the options as my menu key is not working.

Please let me know if there is a key combination which is an alternative to the menu key so that I can connect to the PC or any other way for me to save my contacts, messages, etc.

Many thanks.

Posted by tranced
Hello and welcome!

One question: can't you use the left soft key?

Posted by hihihans
You can also use the number keys.
If you want the 3rd option in a list, press 3.
Or 6 if you want the 6th option.

Posted by Elecran
@tranced: Thanks for your suggestion. However, the left soft key did not work in that particular menu.

@hihihans: Thanks for your suggestion. However, the numpad also doesn't work in the menu.

I did manage to find a solution and thought I'd share it in case anyone else encounters the same problem. First, me and my friends tried opening the phone and had a look at the keypad. We tried pressing the menu key directly on the circuit board but nothing happened.

The solution was much more straightforward. It seems that one of the keys on the side of the phone (the one used to zoom in and out) was pressed in completely and this was causing the menu key to become non-functional. It seems that this key was constantly sending some commands to the phone's OS which was then not responding to any commands from the menu key. When this key was popped back out, the phone's functionality was completely restored and the menu key started working again.

Posted by hihihans

Fixing a phone can be so easy sometimes

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