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w595 problem, rebooting itself

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Posted by makbut

Well i have a problem with my sony ericsson w595,
i have tried to fix it but i can't.

The problem is that the mobile is rebooting by itself once in a while.

I tried to connect it with the pc in order to update it, but the phone must be turned on and used in phone mode to be updated, but when i turn on the phone and connect it to usb, it reboots, so the connection is lost every 30-40 sec and i cannot do anything.. If i connect it when it is turned off the only option is mass storage, which is not the appropriate.

If someone knows something about this, i would appreciate it a lot if he/she could help.

thanks in advance.

Posted by chunkybeats
Check your battery, could be on its way out. Also check your connection for the fast port, give it a clean and see, my old w995 had that problem, good luck!

Posted by annafee
Use Sony Ericcson Update Service(SEUS) rather than PC Companion. It uses a different way of connecting which i believe may be ur solution. . And oh it seems that it is now Sony Update Service(SUS). .

Posted by makbut
Thank you for the help. I am going to try what you said.

Posted by kunalmothe
I think your mobile is on auto rebooting mode in setting so it might be having it's auto command to boot whenever it get connect with USB.

Posted by raymond09
These are something that’s minor, but for someone who isn’t much common with it consider it HUGE, so that’s why so much is required to have some guidance over this. I have seen many people make mess of even minor issues such as that. I only prefer expert’s following that are masters in Major Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools. It is way you could avoid unwanted damage, and can help yourself move far in the solution!
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