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Updating Android on Arc S hanging / crashing laptop

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Posted by toffo3619
Hi all,

I have a Sony Ericcson Arc S, when I check the phone's software on the phone it tells me it's running Android version 2.3.4 with Build Number: 4.0.2.A.0.62.

When I connect the phone to my laptop and open Sony PC Companion, it tells me that there is a software update available: 4.1.B.

Here's my problem, when I use Sony PC Companion to update the phones software, PC Companion downloads the software to my laptop, the update wizard tells me to disconnect the phone, turn the phone off for 5 seconds, reconnect the USB cable to the phone and the laptop while pressing the Back button on the phone. It is at this stage that my laptop hangs completely. I have to disconnect the phone and reboot the laptop.

I've tried updating the phone a few times and it's still hanging the laptop.

Is there anyone that has come across this problem and found a fix?

BTW I'm running ZoneAlarm firewall, but I reckon this doesn't matter.

Many thanks in advance.


Posted by chunkybeats
sounds like your laptop, turn off your firewall temporarily while updating and see how that goes

Posted by mode
I'm guessing you have Windows Vista on your laptop? It has happened to me as well. No problems on W7 though. Try downloading Sony Ericsson-specific update through Windows Update.

Posted by toffo3619
Hi Mode,

Thanks for your advice. I'm actually running XP. How do you go about downloading Sony Ericsson-specific update through Windows Update, as you advise?

When updating Windows I open IE, and got Tools and then Windows update from the drop-down menu. How do you get the Sony Ericsson-specific update through Windows Update?

Many thanks in advance.


Posted by mode
Well, in Vista I just go to Windows Update and 'check for updates'. It probably won't show at first as it will be parked under optional updates rather than important updates which would be the priority updates displayed. But then again, that's for Vista, I hope the same applies for XP. Hope this helps, good luck

Posted by toffo3619
Thanks again Mode, unfortunately no joy with XP. Thanks all the same.


Posted by PowerLee
After putting up with ICS for a few weeks ( including a repair install ) i've just downgraded my Arc S back to Android Gingerbread, the Arc S just isnt powerful enough / have enough memory to run ICS correctly & i've no idea why Sony even bothered to release ICS for the Arc S.

On Gingerbread the phone is a lot smoother, faster & doesnt repeatedly crash or lock up any more

Friend of mine has a standard Arc, he also went back to Gingerbread after having the same issues with ICS.

A phone is no good if it repeatedly locks up or software crashes all the time, ICS looks nice but the Arc S just isnt up to it.

Its also a shame Sony didnt give users an easy / official way of rolling the handset software back in the PC Companion

Posted by toffo3619
Hi PowerLee,

Thanks for your reply and thanks again for the heads-up regarding the Arc S not being able to handle ICS, while I haven't been able to install ICS on my Arc, after reading your post I won't bother trying again. I know what you mean about the Arc not having enough memory, while my Arc doesn't hang it can be very slow at times.

Thanks again PowerLee.

Posted by lewiztoner
i still have gingerbread on my arc S. I want 2 update 2 ICS and then if i'm not satisfied , i would like 2 go back to 2.3.3 .

My question is how to downgrade back to the Gingerbread version i had in my phone when i bought it (together with the widgets and pre installed apps i had since day 1) ?

I would like 2 downgrade my phone to make it look exactly like on the first day i use it.

Is there any way to backup app and widgets that are on the internal memory of the phone?

Is it possible to bring back the left swipe on the lock screen to silent mode on ICS instead of camera( like in Gingerbread)

What are the issues of ICS on Xperia Arc S? May I have a link to read about them? I only know issues about video recording and the phone is slowed down.

Thank U all 4 ur answer.

Posted by PowerLee
The latest Android ICS software update from Sony released last week actually works


Im running it on my Arc S & it's fine.

Its nice to see that Sony took the customer complaints on board & actually did something to fix the problems.

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