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Android, how safe is it? Security experts slam malicious apps

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Posted by tranced
Security experts say the threat of hackers and malicious apps is now more prominent than ever when it comes to Google’s Android platform.

According to Trend Micro’s TrendLabs, the number of malicious apps circulating the operating system has increased from 10,000 to 20,000 in a single month.


Posted by Bonovox
That's bad that is quite alot

Posted by Tsepz_GP
I found this part very interesting:

TrendLabs claims 30 per cent of the malicious apps it tracked were disguised as well known legitimate applications. Indeed, the firm says that Google Play, Android’s official app store, inadvertently offered 17 different malicious apps that were downloaded a total of 700,000 times by consumers. However, that's only 17 apps among thousands. It must be pointed out that the odds of finding malware on Google Play is very rare.

It means most users have a low chance of being affected, i wouldn't be suprised if AppStore and Marketplace had a similar amount of malware, as we've seen before they also get it despite their strictness.

Posted by razec
Never underestimate the hacker's skills, if they can crack down even CIA or Sony PSN so easy then no OS is safe from such threats, even Mac OS/iOS is no exception

Posted by chunkybeats
Yep I agree there are some dirty apps on Play, one being Gameboy GBC emulator, I had it for a while, and then my antivirus software on my phone picked it up as malicious and got rid of it. I checked the list of potential dodgy apps and it was on it. So it always pays to have a good Anti-virus on your phone no matter what system you use. If you had a pc or mac without a anti virus that would be insane and the same goes for smartphones.

btw I use Zoner Antivirus and its brilliant. I tried others and yes I do like Avast but not the smartphone version just the PC version!

Also check the permissions of the app prior to installing it and if its asking for a lot dont install it, basic common sense there!

Posted by Geezay
Android is a victim of its own popularity. Something like the Law of Unintended Consequences. Android has been so huge that it attracts hackers and developers of malware, rather than say Windows Phone. A hacker is statistically more likely to get more benefit from Android users than the smaller platforms.

Users will have to also exercise some common sense. Some malware lurks inside cracked apps and users should exercise extreme caution and simply desist from getting those, period. There is no such thing as a free lunch after all!

Posted by chunkybeats
How much did Apple pay trends to do this stunt? Interestingly enough when the Samsung Galaxy s2 was released one of these reports got released.Yes I'm aware of malware but the timing of this article you got to be serious!

On Google play you can check prior to downloading an app in terms of permissions which means common sense yeah? God I hate these perverted accusations and god I hate Apple and their dirty tactics!
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Posted by amyhelp886
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Posted by adnansanni

On 2012-07-19 03:30:53, amyhelp886 wrote:
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The upper post and the topic name both are indicate same thing; malicious activity

Posted by jplacson
Installing malware and getting hacked are 2 totally different things.

The security of Android is NOT the issue, it's the awareness of the end user and the screening process of Google Play that should be questioned.

As is, without a trojan or malware installed, Android is a very secure system. A hacker would have very little chance of gaining direct access to your personal device if it didn't have questionable apps installed. Unlike Windows, where, Out of the box...with no other programs installed, is still vulnerable to attack. On the security note, there are a few (1-2) malware apps in the iTunes store as well, a well-intentioned hacker proved this by uploading a legit app which then called on a trojan once installed. This gave FULL REMOTE access to the infected iOS device. He made his findings public, then Apple closed his dev account.

By that rational... ANY OS WITH MALWARE INSTALLED is vulnerable. PERIOD.

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