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Xperia U haptic feedback problem

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Posted by Bonovox
I wonder if anyone can help?? Upto now have had zero problems with my Xperia U. But since last night after unplugging the charger the haptic feedback on keypad and capacitive keys keeps going off. I have unticked and ticked again the keyboard and vibrate options again but this does not work. Vibrate for calls and texts works fine. But this problem only corrects itself with a reboot. Would this be software related?? It's not a big deal but I do prefer a bit of haptic feedback.

Posted by Bonovox
Thanks for the help still not working

Posted by gayannr
Isn't there any software update for the phone at the moment ?

Posted by Bonovox

Posted by djin
Keep it turned off for atleast a minute or so and then try it. I know that one of my friend's brand new neo did that, but after a proper restart it got fixed and never did it. You could even try with factory reset if nothing works.. I think its probably a bug.

Posted by randomuser
Bonovox, why don't you install the latest firmware for Xperia U and check if it solves your problem ? There is one available for flashing on XDA

Posted by tranced
Have you checked the profiles?

Posted by Bonovox
I'll check it out. It may be software related as I have read one other person on Sony website with same issue on the U. Profiles no same thing and also vibrate for calls and texts is affected now. I can be typing and it will suddenly stop the haptic feedback then it may start again. Also did a factory reset and vibrate still not working. Shame as I like the Xperia U

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Sony Xperia U
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Posted by randomuser
Download Sony update Service and then repair your phone. It should solve your problem. If it doesn't, then it might mean there is some hardware issue.
To repair in Sony update service, when it says you already have the latest update or there is an update available click on Install button.
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Posted by Bonovox
OK cheers folks

Posted by annafee
How did you fix it...?? What exactly happened??

Posted by chunkybeats
you will be glad to hear this bono!


the u could get get the update pretty soon!
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Posted by Bonovox
excellent thanks

Posted by chunkybeats
here you go bono some news at last!


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