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3 Price Rise ?

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Posted by fluke9

Anyone heard about this ???

Posted by Bonovox
I never realised Three had done it but T Mobile recently did the same. The bad thing is you can't cancel contract as it states in the terms that they can change prices at any point. Crafty buggers. I refused to pay my T Mobile contract for past two months and have heard nothing from them. I am going to dispute it.

Posted by fluke9
Typical I am 8 days outside getting away with price rise.

Posted by Bonovox
Huh?? What do you mean??

Posted by fluke9
If you joined Three on or after 8 March 2012, or you're on a 1-month SIM Only, Business or Pay As You Go plan, this price increase won't affect you.

1st of March I did my new contract.

Posted by Bonovox
Oh I see :-/

Posted by goldenface
My contract is up soon, They can whistle if they think they're gonna squeeze my pips. Great network but the absolutely worst customer service.

Posted by Miss UK
I think Orange did the same it doesn't affect me though cos I took my contract out
before that increase came in

Btw I feel for you guys I hate companys thats are crafty like that
npower is another one I was simply paying 42 a Month till I noticed it shot upto 52 Geez

Posted by Bonovox
If you took out a contract before an increase then it does affect you

Posted by Miss UK
Really ? Every bill I've had from Orange
Has been the same price 46 over last 6 months

Posted by Bonovox
Ouch that's steep. You can now get the 4S on T Mobile Full Monty tariff for 36/month. That is 2,000 mins,unlimited text and totally unlimited data with tethering included

Posted by fluke9
Yeah 3 were the same price. But were only 69 upfront instead of 99.

Posted by Miss UK
Yeah it suxx I prob move to 3 next year cos the iPhone is a DATA junkie
and looks like the other networks aren't giving customers the option of more then 1GB
which is crappers really!

I will chat with Orange on the 14th to get my plan also lowered
im hoping its not going to rally them saying NO

Fluke 69 upfront instead of 99. Good price I didn't pay anything for my iPhone
im just being slapped on the arse with the line rental (I hate Phones4U)

Posted by Bonovox
Yes they are. OK. T Mobile do The Full Monty from 36 with totally unlimited data. Also Three AND Talk Mobile from Carphone stores which uses Vodafone offer unlimited data on some tariffs too. Android and Iphone are both data hungry

Posted by Miss UK
I rang orange about the downgrade
Of my tariff and was told I was Mis-informed
And that I couldn't downgrade at 6 months
What??? I was told they review accounts after
6 months and they will lower it

The Advisor then said to call back in another
6 months where they'd knock 5 of my line rental

He said he'd also pass on my feedback to
His Supervisor of how I was Mis-informed!!!

God do these company's love making
Monkeys outta people or something?

I'm paying 46 now for mins I don't even
Use 900mins to be exact

Aims the Gun @ Phones4U

Posted by fluke9
The only reason I went with 3 was the 30 cheaper up front cost.

Would have much preferred T Mobile due to the free delivery reports.

Posted by Miss UK
Haha Delivery reports? I think I get charged
1p or something stupid like that with Orange

God I miss Vodafone haha

Roll on Dec 2013 :s

Btw if I had been stuck with some
Crap phone paying 46 for it I hated
Then I would of gone bezerk but the
iPhone is a great phone I don't get how
Networks charge so much for them though
And u don't even get any warranty unless
U pay the 60 for AppleCare for 2nd year
It's totally wrong that!!!

I believe if ur sold a contract with a phone
Then the network needs to provide free repairs
If the handset becomes faulty regardless how long
Contract is

Posted by Bonovox
Not really cos you sign up to day X amount and they give it you free. The phone is then separate from the contract and any repairs are via manufacturer or the store you got it from. Charging for delivery reports I have loads of free text with Three anyway and out of bundle texts is 11p which is 1p on top of the 10p text I guess

Posted by Miss UK
In that case ur better if with a 12 month contract
Cos main majority of manufacturers only supply
A 12 month Warranty

The iPhone has = 12 Months + 90 Days
Plus consumer has to cough up 61 to cover 2nd year

I'm beginning to think ur best paying cash outright
For a phone and shoving some sim in prepaid or use that
30 day rolling sim

The iPhone is mainly the most expensive phone say 64GB
On a contract I would've loved that chunky room on mine

Posted by Bonovox
12 months?? Haha Tesco Mobile then

Posted by goldenface
I'm glad Three are bringing the Unlimited data to the cheaper packages. I'm paying 33/month for 2000 mins / 5000 Texts and Unlimited Data. I can upgrade early from next month or hang on till September when I can jump ship if I want to.

One of the things thats stopping me from sticking with 3 is that T-Mobile look like they could be the first network in the UK to turn on their LTE network, which would be fantastic. This, coupled with Unlimited Data and a brand new LTE Xperia would be ideal.

Posted by Bonovox
Never had any issues with Three. Reliable,great coverage and customer service has improved a lot. T Mobile hate them now I cannot stand their image compression which makes the internet look horrible

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