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FS:T650i Pink/Gold (SOLD please lock)

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Posted by Rookwise
Thought this had gone ages ago but came across it while sorting through boxes. Have got a fully boxed Sony Ericsson T650i in pink and gold for sale. Phone was bought from O2 back in 2008. Its completely sim free and has no branding on at all. Running UK firmware. Cant see a single mark on it anywhere so I'm saying condition is 9.5/10 as I know its had little use. There is an expert shield screen protector on the screen as well as the factory plastic protector. Only accessories that I remember being used were the phone,battery and charger. Everything else is still sealed from the quick look i had at them. Also has its 256mb M2 memory card. I also have a Sandisk 4gb M2 i can add if the buyer wants it.

It also has the makeup thingy still in the box unused as well if thats of interest to anyone as O2 promoted it as a Benifit Rush Hour edition????

BIN about 55 delivered in the UK. Delivery overseas is an additional 10

Payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer


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Posted by Rookwise
Sold on ebay

Please lock

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