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Samsung aiming to sell over 200 million smartphones in 2012

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Posted by laffen
Samsung is already the world's largest maker of mobile phones. The Korean company recently said in an interview that it aims to increase the lead by selling over 200 million smartphones during 2012

Samsung will sell 200 million smartphones in 2012

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Posted by Bonovox
Too many Samsung's everywhere it's becoming another Apple

Posted by etaab
I wouldnt go that far. They're becoming another Nokia. I dont think anyone is capable of becoming another Apple other than Apple.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Wow, thats quite a goal good luck to them i know they'll make it. Just last year they were aiming to be the largest maker in 2012,and they did it, and not only that, they managed to be the largest smartphone maker to, Sammy are on quite a roll lately.

Posted by Miss UK
I wonder if they make more with the
Phones or other Electricals they mass produce
TV Sets, American Fridges, Washing Machines, notebooks etc

Sounds impressive I'm abit sceptical
If this Galaxy the third can make it for
Them but I guess a lot of dingbats will
Buy it

Posted by Bonovox
I don't hate Samsung at all I have had many of their handsets. I just think things get boring when it's all Samsung,Apple etc becomes a bit samey with Sammy

Posted by Guarulhos
Despite the Supremacy Today All Existing In The World Of Samsung Mobile, IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE !

Well... Let's Be Practical Leaving Bigotry And Jingoism Cheap Side !

In Semester 2 This Year The Giant South Korean, As Well As Your Door Banner "GALAXY S III," Will Have To Front The Launch Of Great Devices From Its Major Competitors, Of Course Not Do The Same Success Excellent GALAXY S III, But Sell Very Good, Or Be, NOKIA 808 PUREVIEW, NOKIA Lumia 903, NOKIA LUMIA 950 PUREVIEW, MOTOROLA RAZR HD, SONY XPERIA LT29 GX, SONY XPERIA LT30 MINT, LG OPTIMUS 4X, LG OPTIMUS LTE II, HTC ONE X, HTC TITAN II (EUROPEAN VERSION), HUAWEI ASCEND D QUAD XL And Above The Great APPLE IPHONE 5 Will Be Directly Responsible For This Failure Ambitious PURPOSE COMMERCIAL !!!

Posted by etaab
@ Miss UK - its a bit harsh calling people dingbats just because they buy the S3. I'll stick my neck out and say the S3 WILL be more successful than the HTC One X, but i think without being biased its the better, or best Android phone that theres ever been.

Because of that, i dont think people wanting the best makes them a dingbat. If anything i'd call them the more intelligent.

Posted by Miss UK
here here and what about the crap i have to put up with for having a iPhone
Dingbat is more Polite then rude

btw S3 isn't on the Scene yet anyone bought one here? lets see after june if there is moaning customers about some random something

Posted by etaab
But you dont have to put up with anything. The iPhone is a great product and a great phone. It has been since launch in 2007.

People, especially like us in the know on this site, know that but tend to have a beef with Apple and not with their products, just like me. So i wouldnt call you anything, only the people that need to wake up (according to RIM) are the ones i get annoyed with.

I buy phones based on their best features and unless something comes along which tops the S3 in the next three weeks till its release, i'll more than likely be getting it. I held off getting the Nexus last year because it didnt live up to expectation, neither did the iPhone 5 -sorry - iPhone 4S

Posted by Tsepz_GP
I doubt anything will match the GS3's specs, some barely match the GNote and GS2 specs, the next iPhone most certainly wont match them but im sure many dingbats will buy it.

Posted by rikken
Thers an app for that, iDingbats

Posted by Hobbs
I say we should all just sit back and enjoy this beautiful world of mobile technology and give credit to all the big names.We are all been catered for.Just enjoy your phone and feel pleased when someone else is enjoying their phone which is of another make.We all love phones.God knows why,but we just do.I love my G2.The Lumia is absolutely gorgeous.The iPhones marketplace and the apps they have to offer does make one a wee bit envious.HTC's Sense UI is yummy ect ect.I'm just enjoying the speed at which mobile technology is going.Its absolutely awesome.Quad core CPU's,2GB's RAM,32GB's of internal storage with option of adding SD cards up to 64GB's,4.8/5 inch screens.Its getting insane.
Good luck Samsung with that 200 million target and thank you for my beautiful G2.Im absolutely loving it and look forward to purchasing the G4.

Posted by Bonovox
Yes we are all gadget freaks. I got a HTC One V today. Great camera and build and my first ICS experience

Posted by Marly

On 2012-05-08 20:48:09, Hobbs wrote:
I say we should all just sit back and enjoy this beautiful world of mobile technology and give credit to all the big names.We are all been catered for.Just enjoy your phone and feel pleased when someone else is enjoying their phone which is of another make.We all love phones.God knows why,but we just do.I love my G2.The Lumia is absolutely gorgeous.The iPhones marketplace and the apps they have to offer does make one a wee bit envious.HTC's Sense UI is yummy ect ect.I'm just enjoying the speed at which mobile technology is going.

+1, couldn't agree more

Posted by Hobbs
Bonovox Enjoy.Now rip out SENSE and install a custom ROM
[ This Message was edited by: Hobbs on 2012-05-09 04:20 ]

Posted by Miss UK
eTaab perhaps the iPhone ? will prompt you later this year
I exspect it to have a different Design as with most phones now they have become
that bit bigger so prob a different design on apples next phone

Apple are pretty discreet so judging Photoshop pictures aint that real thing
not until apple have posted up and set a date then thats when you should believe

im not actually buying a phone this year I cannot see anything thats different from
what was around 6months ago ok so ICS comes in different forms on each phone
but its hardley impressive except those minor Kidsplay things

I think come end 2013 there will be more intresting things at play for myself
in meantime I will purchase the Applecare Extended Warranty for my 4S and enjoy it
like I have been for the past 5ish months now

Enjoy ur Samsung The Third (More like Shrek the Third)

Posted by Bonovox

On 2012-05-09 05:20:23, Hobbs wrote:
Bonovox Enjoy.Now rip out SENSE and install a custom ROM \\n
[ This Message was edited by: Hobbs on 2012-05-09 04:20 ]

I cannot believe it HTC One V has an amazing battery life.

Posted by etaab
@ Miss UK - personally ive always loved how the iPhone 4 looks, but to be honest now i think it looks old, dull and with a tiny low spec screen compared to the S3 and One X.

I know this is simply my opinion, but the sheer amount of black borders above and below the screen on the 4 and 4S just suddenly looks really old now.

I very much doubt Apple will tempt me. Out of all the tablets out there, i'd probably choose the new iPad, but Apple's closed ecosystem would just wind me up too much on a phone. Also, Apple would need to completely redesign their UI as its now looking really old also compared to ICS, Sense 4, Touchwhiz and Windows Phone.

I think the iPhone 5 or whatever it will be called will need to be the single biggest upgrade in Apple's most recent history to capture people back from Android and myself. They dont just need to increase screen size but tackle many other software and hardware issues where they're being left behind, NFC simply being one of them.

Posted by Miss UK
That old look or small issue isn't much of a bother
To me etaab I think the phone is really classy looking
Especially for a 2 yr old design what all boils down to is what
The phone can do for me Music is a must factor for me and
The iPhone delivers this better than a Android device Ive encountered
The OS is abit bland but I'm a 30+ Woman I don't care for
KidsPlay sources

The iPhone is a mature woman's phone
I indeed have never had a issue with a apple
Product there updates fix issues if I find something
That concerns

Not a fan of iPads that's another story
The Macs are abit odd to use I'm a Windows Gal

Android is a nice system though I can't say I'm missing
It but I would prob look at a spare if I needed one

But my 4S will become my next spare next year when
I figure out what's hot or not then

Posted by etaab
Im sure whatever iPhone comes next will please you, but to be honest apart from software innovation, which Apple seems to be running out of, i dont see where Apple can go next.

I'll stick my neck out and predict this years iPhone, if one comes this year, will be the biggest disappointment for loyal Apple fans ever and more than likely the biggest single unit of ammunition Android fans will ever need.

I think to get the wow factor, Apple will have to go for a full face HD screen with absolutely no bezel, or one which only has a 3mm-5mm border around every side of the screen. With possibly a camera and Xenon flash, at last !

Posted by Miss UK
LOL Knowbody can do it better then Apple so lets wait and see what they announce

Posted by etaab
Heh, thats a matter of opinion as always.

I found an iPhone 4 today, there it was laying amongst dead leaves, mud and rubbish at the side of the road. Sadly, its front screen is smashed, the rear glass is entirely missing as is the battery. It would have been nice to find a phone intact lol.

Anyway ive picked it up and brought it home with me. The owner obviously discarded it since it is totally destroyed but i though a dissection would be in order for Apple's 2010 flagship.
[ This Message was edited by: etaab on 2012-05-12 19:32 ]

Posted by Miss UK
Yep well im not intrested ina iPhone 2012
so I will wait for the Sports version next year or look at something else
as I will keep my old iPhone

haha trashed iPhone lolz even if you got it working after paying all the bits for it
chances are it would be barred maybe the owner delibratley lost it to get a 4S

btw if you do pay for all the bits and do get it to work you can use it as iPod im sure
but I would look into that incase itunes can trace it

Posted by etaab
I dont think its repairable. Since its been through what appears to be a war, the entire phone is unstable. I always thought the aerial was a one piece design, well unless this one is broken the two halves can be moved independently from each other.

Im pretty certain the chips, components and micro circuitry is all but fried due to the recent weather. I was actually quite sad to see such an expensive high tech gorgeous device in such a poor state.

Sadly i dont have the money or time to spend attempting to repair it, moreso if it'll simply be blocked as reported lost or stolen. I think im just going to stick it on the shelf with my other phones as a museum piece.

Now how do i get the sim card out without the little tool .. ? (if theres one in there !).

Posted by Miss UK
if its a black iP4 then its I only like the white ones

post a pic up of this obliterated phone as will be a laugh to see its peril
im sure others will also be in for a treat

to take the Sim tray out you need a Drawing Pin or a needle slot it in and
it will come up (Sim tray I mean)

I never got a Tool with mine don't think there even included in the 4S boxes?

Posted by Bonovox
He threw his iPhone away?? Came to his senses then finally un brain washed and no longer an iSheep. Apple do it better than everyone else?? best joke all year that one. They may be popular but they are so so boring

Posted by Miss UK
Etaab just noticed this topic is heading for the lock (Off Topic so if you decide to post yer knackers yard phone up)
try the Apple area

Gotta Dash gotta see this phone tomorrow

Posted by etaab
Heh, i will when the girlfriend has gone out of sight. You see its a kind of secret, i picked it up when walking past and showed it her and the other people of the group we were in. Then on the way back later in the day i had to walk behind the group on purpose and quickly snap it up when they were looking the other way lol. So she doesnt know i have it.

I know im such a geek when it comes to phones !
[ This Message was edited by: etaab on 2012-05-12 22:01 ]

Posted by Miss UK
LOL heh no rush im off out anyway so check it out tomorrow night
if I saw one lying on the floor i'd prob take it into Apple (Doubt if they'd reward me heh) measley gets

anyway Cheerio

Posted by etaab
Heh, here you go, a quick picture whilst she went to the toilet. As you can see, its destroyed !

The glass from the rear is gone, so has the battery, the home button has gone,

Such a sad sight i reckon. That sim card slot is still to be plundered to see if it was disposed of before or after removal.

I keep finding glass everywhere ive been with the phone.
[ This Message was edited by: etaab on 2012-05-12 22:18 ]

Posted by Bonovox
Yep that's a write off

Posted by Miss UK
Lol that is a wreck it would cost to much
To sort

Are you sure it's a iPhone 4 and not the
4S cos they don't really signify what they
Even are on them till you look at the display
I wonder what would happen if u plugged
Into iTunes lol it would come up with the details
But if it's been stolen then it might also be
Risky I'm sure there's other ways tho of grabbing
The info up on google

You need to get into the Sim Card area
See if there's a sim in it or not

Posted by etaab
Its definitely a 4 and not a 4S, the antenna design is the old one which suffered from the death grip. The 4S has an extra gap in the antenna which the 4 does not, to rectify Apple's 2010 disasterous design.

I dont think it can be repaired at all. The Apple port on the bottom, whatever Apple call it, to plug the phone into a computer is destroyed also. The connectors inside are too badly damaged.

Anyway, its simply a museum piece now which i'll probably dissect when i have time.

Posted by rikken
and I hope that Sammy will reach their 200 mill goal

Posted by Miss UK
Etaab it was prob some insurance scam
Or it was stolen then barred by the victim
Resulting in the thief to throw it away!!!

Shame it's in such a state will let you
Go and frame it

Posted by etaab
Surely if it was barred it could still be used for its none telephony qualities ??

Its all speculation anyway. Its dead. More than dead really.

Posted by Miss UK
I Dunno but iTunes prob trace it
As stolen and if it was activated
Under a new account you need
address for that for billing

Lol dunno if you like iPhones
But if you really want one checkout
eBay.com and buy a US one on AT&T
There really cheap and the network will
Now unlock the phones if there out of Contract
And the owner has kept up payments on time etc

iPhone 4 isn't that bad tbh I wish I still had mine
As a spare

Posted by Bonovox
This has gone way off topic

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Seems odd for someone to get rid of such an expensive smartphone like that, would be interesting to see what's sitting in its flash memory.
I'd find it hard just to throw away my 5yrld Nokia N80, but then again im a phone 'geek' lol.

Posted by etaab
You think there could be a way to take a look in its memory ? not sure how if it cant be powered on.

Not to mention Apple's closed OS.

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