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*Water Damage - Help*

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Posted by J-J
So my old trusty C902 got water damaged yesterday, not a lot, to the point where i wasn't overly concerned about it until it started to go funny.

It still turns on fine but the 'down', '2', '3' and 'hang up/power' buttons are not working fully, that is not the main issue though, the biggest issue being that the 'hang up/power' button now has a life of its own and when i am using the phone it will just function, resulting in the application i am using closing down or the phone shutting down.

So, will drying it out resolve this or is it too late for old faithful?

Posted by adsada
You could try drying it out, but it sounds like the keyboard membrane is damaged, probably short circuit or something. If you you're not to worried about it opening it, then take it a part you could take the cover off and then reinsert the battery (might sound a bit danagerous, but I have done that with many SE phones without any problem just avoid the pins and motherboard parts but you should be fine). Try the buttons and see how they respond, or you could save time troubleshooting and buy a new membraine, this one is only 2.70

Here is a disassembly guide:

Good luck

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Posted by TiddlyWinks
Another option for water damage is to leave the phone in an air-tight container full of rice. The rice will soak up any moisture.

For any time immersed in water the phone should be turned off and the battery removed for as long as possible.

Posted by djin
Did you turn it on while it was wet, like without drying it in the first place? If so then you most probably have short circuited, and whatever things are not working, will need to be replaced, You could try showing to service center and they will tell you what all has been fried maybe?

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