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Great news: Omnius 4 days promotion is here. [Easter 2012]

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Posted by litemint
I dont know if this has similar title for some section here in Esato, I've just search and gave me no matching result.

Just an info regarding Omnius.

4 days promotion period is coming: All Omnius's features are going to be for free.

When? During Easter: since 6th April 2012, 00:00 UTC until 9th April 2012, 23:59 UTC.

All you need is to have any Omnius account (no license or credit will be required). For those who still don't have it, you can register on this website to get one.

Prepare your android phones and help us spread this news around the Globe.
Omnius team

I just converted my K800, K850 and C905 certificates




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