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FS: New unlocked/unbranded 32GB Xperia S 380

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Posted by adsada

I am selling my Xperia S, its brand new and boxed. I opened it only to check the contents everything else is still unused. It's unlocked and unbranded so should work with any SIM, it's in black too...

I would like 380 for the phone, payment would have to been first obviously through BT or maybe paypal. I'm really only comfortable sending within the UK but may consider other EU countries too...would be recorded 1st/2nd class

Here is a photo, if you want ones of the actual phone just ask, but it's a brand new phone so not a lot to see!

I have been on the forums for quite a while now, most people can vouch for me but I can assure you I can be trusted 100%


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Posted by xelibry
What's the price?

Posted by adsada
Around the 400 mark, can maybe go cheaper

Posted by adsada
Okay I've checked ebay prices and will go down to 380 because its similar to what I'd get after listing/paypal costs.
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Posted by xperia_man
Any Trades on this have a mint iPhone 4S 16GB unlocked ?

Thanks Paul

Posted by adsada
Nah sorry, not an iPhone fan. I'd only accept cash

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