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LG estimates it will sell 35 million smartphones in 2012

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Posted by laffen
LG aiming to sell 80 million handsets this year where 35 million are smartphones and 8 million of those will be LTE smartphones

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Posted by julias

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Posted by ok1907
Lg hadn't sucked with its earliest devices, then it's started to suck and continued sucking and it's been trying to stop sucking for a few years now but hasn't been very successfull at that and its final attempts not to suck won't be enough to prevent sucking imo.

Posted by randomuser

Anyway, I don't think LG can sell that many devices considering the bad rep they got last year for the way they handled Android OS upgrades.

Posted by etaab
LG are the new SE, behind the times and never able to keep up with the market leaders. If it were not for their other divisions other than mobile phones, im sure in the coming years they'll stop making phones. They're good phones but not very appealing to the masses.

Posted by Bonovox
Huh,LG have released some cracking handsets with dual core before SE did. And phones like LG Nitro HD aswell as many others have had cracking specs and alot similar to Samsung.

Material things don't matter,but Rock n Roll does!!!!

HTC Evo 3D
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Posted by etaab
But no spark behind them, nothing exciting and limited support as always from LG.

They're a poor mans Samsung.

Posted by Marly
Some LG's did have very nice specs, but they've spoiled the good first impression with their crappy software.
With a laggy and constantly crashing phone, many LG owners realised that specs aren't everything and most of them probably won't buy another LG anytime soon.

Nowadays, only people who can't afford HTC or Samsung, buy LG smartphones.

Posted by Miss UK
I never got to use any LG handset I was skeptic
About them however after buying a LG 3D tv I'm
Coming round to them 10/10 for the tv btw!

Posted by etaab
A TV is a much more basic device to not cock up mind !

Posted by Miss UK

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