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Android Market has changed its name to Google Play Store

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Posted by laffen
Today Google changed the name of the Android Market app store to Google Play Store. This name change was done to reflect that Google also want to sell other types of media via the market place

Google Play Store announced

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Posted by tranced
Just downloaded the apk. Will try it now

Posted by laffen
To force an upgrade, just clear the current installed Market app data and the app will be upgraded to Google Play Store at the next launch

Posted by tranced
Should've said that earlier. Anyway, I have mine up!

Posted by laffen
Sorry, just found out myself

Posted by tranced
No probs. I've always updated the Market with this method.

Posted by goldenface
Mine only seemed to update my Google books app, after deleting the apps data. I'm still waiting for the rest.

Posted by argiriano
I restarted my phone on 8th March and it`s just updated Market to Play Store... and yes it does say Play Store, not Play Shop in Bulgaria just like in some other countries.

Posted by 4eversingle
my phone says google play shop not google play store... is it the smae?

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