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How to run PES 2012 on android

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Posted by ajeetpv
Hi to all. I am back to this forum after a long
time. I am still a big fan of SE phones. I had
a k810 for the last 3.5 years. I played many
3D games on it especially fish labs games.
But now for the sake of change i switched
over to android and i bought samsung
galaxy ace. I tried downloading Pes 2012,
NFS but after downloading 100 MB of data
(you know what i mean.) i am still not able
to play it. My question is how can i run
those games. Will i have to root my phone.
Though i have searched on it but could not
find concrete. any help. Thanks in advance.

ps: sorry for the multiple topic.

Posted by ajeetpv
please anyone can help me out?

Posted by tranced

Are you downloading them from the Market? What error do you get?

Posted by ajeetpv
Hi tranced, i downloaded from somewhere else. But when i run it it asks to download an additional data of some 100 MB. when i start download with wi fi it download some 90 MB or so and screen become blank. Then i have to use task manager to stop it.

Posted by tranced
Maybe you should change the wifi policy from the phone. Set it to never turn off wifi.

Posted by dmtaukhua123
first, you just download pes apk file: https://1apk.co/messi-eleven-football-manager-apk-file/ . then you connect your phone with PC via USB. you copy pes apk file to your phone, then click install. good luck!
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